Colombia is the world’s second-most known country when it comes to high biodiversity, and it has more species of bird than any other country on this planet, with around 1,930 species. While it would not possible to list – or perhaps even see – all of the species that the country boasts, some of them are more gorgeous than others. Some of them are, exquisitely listed here—


The Andean cock-of-the-rock is an eye-catching bright-red bird that lives in Andean cloud forests and mount jungles. They can be astonishingly mysterious and tough to track down for such colorful birds, but the easiest place to see them is at a lek, a place where males assemble together to sing and dance and try to attract a mate. The best place to watch these beautiful birds in Colombia is at the lek site just outside the pretty coffee town of Jardin in Antioquia with Colombia Bird Photo Tours.


There are about 240 species of tanagers in the Americas, and they are favorites of birders and novices comparable on an account of their brilliantly colored plumage. Choosing Colombia’s most beautiful tanager is a tall order, but the splendid paradise tanager gives any bird a run for its money in the beauty stakes with its sky-blue belly, almost fluorescent green head and bright-red back. They can be seen quite easily in the Amazon region, especially on the hiking trail to Fin del Mundo waterfall in Mocoa, Putumayo.


Strongly related to toucans, barbets are medium-sized colorful birds and there are numerous different species to spot in Colombia. The most gorgeous by far is the amazing toucan barbet, a bird so vibrant that it’s hard to believe the pictures are real. They are generally fairly easy to see, in spite of their range being restricted to the Pacific slopes of the Western Colombian Andes; the best places to see one are Montezuma Reserve, Las Tangaras Reserve and La Planada Natural Reserve.


There are four diverse species of quetzal existing in Colombia, and all are as attractive as each other. Sadly, the iconic glorious quetzal is limited in range to Central America and cannot be seen in Colombia, but the almost-as-beautiful white-tipped quetzal can be observed in the Sierra Nevada, mountains at El Dorado Reserve. Bird Photo Tour