The year 2020 has been bad in many ways. Right from the lock lockdown due to the spread of COVID 19 virus to the Indo-Chinese tensions on the border, the year has much more to offer in terms of bad this year. The current ongoing pandemic all across the world seems to have come up with their own twists and turns and we see the disaster is waiting to catch. However, with the recent tussle seen over the border, one can see the Indian government bringing out 59 Chinese apps including Tik Tok as the agitation against the country for its violation on the LAC. At this helm of the affair, you can still enjoy life with the list of Indian apps, some of these are enlisted below:


One of the first apps to enlist in this post is ShareChat, which happens to be a perfect alternative to Tik Tok. However, the Chinese based had its own perils, which include seeing a couple of issues like the breaching of data and similar other things. Hence the Indian users have the alternative app in the form of ShareChat, which is very much similar to Tik Tok that helps you shoot the videos and then post by sharing with your friends and peers. Of late, it has gained good ratings from its users. This can be called as the best app that helps in filtering the videos and modifies according to your requirements. You can download the app from


The other Indian app to use on your smartphone is Rooter. It is a multiplayer online strategy platform and the best alternative to apps like Clash of Kings. It is a unique app in many ways. It is among the top few and biggest user-generated content platforms for gaming and sports-related people which has gained good popularity in the recent past. The key USP is Live Content Technology, which helps in getting the sports commentary, mobile game streaming, and live quizzes. One can even get to see some interesting features in it including personalized sports feed consisting of videos, polls, and images to name a few. You can download the same from.