COVID’19 taught us many life lessons. It has changed our perspectives on how we look at life, the way businesses operate, businesses deal with customers, and masks and social distancing has become the new normal.

Due to this pandemic, there is a huge impact on thousands of businesses today. People have lost their jobs, and the world has gone into economic recession. But, in the middle of all this, if there’s one thing that millennials missed then that is online shopping, online food delivery, and everything we purchase online.

Anyhow, after the dark, we definitely have the brighter days. Today countries, cities, business all are slowly getting back on track and we are finally in the unlock phase.

With all these, we are also back to purchasing things online. But, this time with a major issue of delayed deliveries.

Every time we go online and open any store; the first thing we see is the highlighted portion which says:

“Due to the current COVID situation there might be late deliveries.”

If a customer is purchasing something for themselves then I think it is okay to have things delivered late. But, just imagine; someone is purchasing a cake and some gifts from your eStore and wants delivery on a specific date and time but they can’t select the specific date or time for that delivery. And because of the current situation of pandemic, you are not able to deliver any of those things on time. This situation can annoy your customers. Even if it happens for one time it still leaves a bad impression of your business. It can also increase chances of your customers never purchasing with you again.

These are your current pain points, but they don’t need to be. These can be easily solved with an extension that can help your customer to pick the specific date and time for their orders and also lets you manage the delivery slots according to your delivery capabilities. 

With the help of a Magento 2 delivery date scheduler you can fulfill  all your customers’ needs and that too on time.

Let’s look at the amazing features which you can use during these tough times and make your business work:


  • Let your customers choose delivery dates:

In your ecommerce store provide your customers with a feature to select the particular date and time at the checkout. If you provide this feature to your customers, it means you are providing them transparency of when they’ll be receiving their orders. 

With the help of this Magento 2 delivery date extension scheduler, your customers can select the particular date and time they want for their delivery. It overcomes the issues of late or early delivery. This also avoids the situation where your delivery person needs to return with the parcel due to unavailability of the owner.


  • Call me before delivery:

You can provide this feature to your customer during checkout. They can select this and receive a call from your delivery person before making a delivery. This will make sure that your delivery person doesn’t need to make free rounds at your customers’ doorstep and waste their time.


  • Delivery Comments:

 Go one step further and provide your customers with personalized custom space to leave delivery instructions like don’t ring a bell, don’t give cutlery, or contactless delivery using  a delivery date scheduler extension. Yes, with the help of delivery comments this is possible. Your customers can write down any specific requirements if they want to. It's as simple as giving specific instructions while ordering food or birthday cakes.

Talking from admin’s perspective; you get following features:


  • Working and Non-working days:

 You can show on your eStore your working and non-working days. Your customers can select the delivery days and time from the list you’ve displayed. This helps you to avoid any type of confusion with regards to delivery and give your customers experience of hassle free shopping experience.


  • Same delivery option:

 This is one of the amazing features of a delivery date scheduler. You can configure to take in ‘n’ number of same day deliveries and then after that ‘n’ number, all the deliveries will be set for the next working day. This way you can provide impeccable services to your customers and avoid the hassle of miscommunication.


  • Set order limit for the day:

 With the help of this feature you limit the number of same day deliveries. Let's say you have set a limit to 50 orders for same day delivery and you’ve reached the order limit then also you are receiving orders but they will go for next day delivery. It will also show your customers that it reaches the same day delivery order limit and will deliver tomorrow.

Final words:

The pandemic has reset all the norms and is giving new dimensions to the way we work today and how the businesses run. With these changing times it is important to get accustomed with new add-ons and use them to the best of their abilities.