Who is a software developer engineer in test (SDET)?

A software testing training would tell one that SDET stands for software developer engineer in test. This specific professional is on high-demand because developers have requirements to run tests and get swift feedback for tests. A software testing training would tell you that this role is on the surge because of the growth of Agile, DevOps and Continuous Testing.

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What are the difference between SDET, QA and Tester? Covered in a software testing training

A software testing training would tell one that an SDET not only does developer-like activities but also needs a unique set of skills. This developer has a clear understanding of testing as well as programming. Moreover, software developer engineer in tests (SDET) takes care of white-box and black-box testing. These testing activities range from low-level unit tests to high-level activities like test planning and manual testing. In addition to that, SDETs also possess skills that hat make them perfect resources for creating automation frameworks and tools. Finally, they are said to have a hybrid type of role.

What are the opportunities for these software developer engineers in test (SDET?)

A software testing training would tell aspiring software developer engineers in test (SDET) that they have lots of opportunities. In the present situation, they would have to bridge the gap between developers and traditional testers. Furthermore, companies should include a SDET in their team to ensure that developers concentrate on test driven development.


The Big Question: Can Developers Even Test?

A software testing training would tell one that majority of the people say that developers cannot conduct testing because development and testing are two diverse skills that need two different techniques of testing. However, some expert testers feel that this is not an issue. That’s where a professional who is in an SDET role can collaborate with the team and lead them with their developer-centric testing efforts.

What are the roles and responsibilities of a SDET?

A software testing training would give an idea of the roles and responsibilities. They are:

  • Automate test cases
  • Validate fixes
  • Verification and document completion of testing and developments
  • Discover bugs, defects, and regressions
  • Design, execute and debug information technology test cases and scripts

Salary of an SDET after an software testing training

The salary package of an SDET on a national average is $88,000/year