Today's technology grows day by day and there are many viable options for an auto repair shop software to manage car centres, car repair centres with many methods. The question is, why should a garage owner use one of the many auto repair shop softwares?

We know the most important aspect of any business is their clients relationship... The ones who will come to you because of your service. Therefore, we need to make sure we have the highest standards of client satisfaction and as we know, technology allows us to find and utilize the best methods and techniques to satisfy the client and turn their experience into a memory they can't forget. For that reason, using an auto repair shop management software allows us to gain more clients and increase loyality thereby growing our business.

Based on the strongest trends in auto repair shops industry, each auto repair shop must have an electronic system that they can rely on, with features and benefits.Some of them are:


  • Time and history audit

Each garage that maintains multiple cars per day can find it difficult to track all the tiny details regarding their client's vehicles. So, with a software like Cubtar, it becomes easier to track.

Cubtar allows its users to save all dates regarding their cars with all relevant documents such as entry card, inspection pictures, inspection by insurance comapny and all information are saved safely in cloud servers enabling Cubtar's users to reach the information quickly and seamlessly.

  • Decrease of physical paper

Auto repair shops revolve around lot of physical documents and it's very tough work. For example, each car would have entry card, claim number, copy of documents, copy of pictures, quotes prices, invoicing... etc - Lots of paper!

So don't worry when you have an electronic software that can save all those documents in 1 place and can be printed anytime you like.

  • Your work is now automated

Each repair center has so many responsbilities that eventually ends up like it's juggling balls! 

Now, with Cubtar, tasks such as filing for an insurance claim can be automated using the software. Converstations between claims manager and the auto repair shop can be all saved and recovered when needed.

Get ahead in your game!

You can start using Cubtar for Auto Repair Management Software by signing up here.

You can read the Arabic version here - فوائد استخدام برنامج ادارة ورشة سيارات