DROP box N-240 modular hotel suite by In-Tenta

  • In-Tenta created a sustainable modular hotel suite that can be shipped and dropped into place using a flatbed truck or shipping container and a crane.
  • The N-240 includes a bedroom with panoramic windows, bathroom, and kitchen, although the kitchen can be swapped for a living room.
  • The 7.87-foot wide unit starts at $30,000.
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Spain-based architecture and design firm In-Tenta created a sustainable modular hotel suite, the N-240, that can be shipped and dropped into place using a flatbed truck or shipping container and a crane.

The micro-living unit is a part of In-Tenta's collection of different "drop box" modular hotel and home suites that can be easily transported, placed into its location, and assembled. Despite the collection's various exterior appearances and designs, the tiny living units were all created with a cohesive theme of "micro-architecture", easy moving, and friendliness to the environment in mind. It can even be placed on a metal stand to decrease the amoount of land it uses.

According to In-Tenta, the collection's N-240 modular unit was built specifically to address rising eco-tourism demands filled with travelers who would rather stay in sustainable and comfortable Instagram-friendly suites than the standard hotel. 

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The N-240 hotel suite is 2.4 meters, about 8 feet, wide and can come in several colors.

However, the unit does not have to sit on an elevated platform in order to be used, and can instead be placed directly on the ground.

This micro-size allows it to be moved on a trailer or shipping container …

… and can be "dropped" into its designated place by using a crane.

This particular hotel suite pictured below is located at a resort near Barcelona in the Santa Maria de Palautordera village.

The decision to implement the modular suite came after the owner of the property decided to expand the number of available guest rooms in an "innovative and sustainable" way.

The N-240 was then moved from the manufacturing facility to the property on a flatbed truck, and was installed in two hours with the help of several people and a crane.

The interior of the N-240 is like any normal hotel suite with its kitchen, bathroom, and bed platform that can fit a double bed ...

... although the one pictured below has a living room instead of a kitchen, and a queen, instead of a double, bed.

The bedroom wall has a large pane of glass, givings guests a panoramic view of the outdoors.

Despite the small space, In-Tenta included an outdoor terrace and storage shelves by the bed.

Because the N-240 is semi-customizable, clients can alter the layout to fit their needs.

For example, the N-240 suite in Spain pictured below has a cement and wood entry door, but the original layout uses a glass door instead.

And instead of a shower, there’s a bathtub.

The N-240's wooden frame is made of "renewable and sustainable" materials, according to In-Tenta …

… and accompanies an exterior made of either cement and wood composite panels or natural wood cladding.

The cement and wood panels are waterproof, easy to maintain, and don't easily degrade, according to its maker.

Drop Box N-240 comes in three sizes, with the largest accommodating up to four people.

The units start at $30,000 and can be sent to North America from In-Tenta's location in Spain.

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