some common mistakes to be avoided during iOS app development:

MVC Ethics

MVC (Model View Controller) is a concept that most in the app development community will be aware of. It involves breaking the development process into two major aspects: business logic, and design. This approach boosts the overall efficiency of the app development project by allowing programmer, as well as designers to carry out their respective tasks at the same time. The internal communication between these two layers is handled by a Controller layer, which acts as an intermediary between the two.

iPhone app development companies are now able to harness the efficiency of this approach, as it has been made available for iOS app development. Sometimes, however, developers (especially the new ones) exploit the capabilities of the Controller, in order to fit in extra code from either of the other two layers, mainly to try and save on time. This, however, leads to serious long-term problems, such as hindrances in activities such as ports. The only way around this problem is for developers to lay out a carefully planned site architecture; which involves the proper creation, as well as a delegation of all individual objects, at the programming stage itself.


One of the greatest challenges faced by iPhone app development companies is that of multithreading. Caused by lack of proper threading security, this leads to the creation of bugs that are as unique, as they are complicated to fix. The root cause, of course, is the fact that many-a-times a lot of UI elements are developed outside of the main program thread. Such situations warrant a great deal of care on behalf of programmers when executing concurrent code, as it can give rise to unnecessary complications.

Old is Gold

The routine procedure that any iOS app development company will carry out once the development is complete, is to carry out extensive usability testing. This includes all possible aspects of the app, from design and button interaction to functionalities of all major features. Even though there are quick and easy iOS simulators available to help developers gain insights on the finished product; it is also true that no amount of simulations can replace actual user feedback.

When it comes to the collection of said feedback, developers must bear in mind that testing against the standards of the latest devices. Operating under the presumption that most Apple users keep themselves up-to-date with latest device purchases, can have terrible consequences. It is not feasible for users to keep buying all the latest Apple products on a yearly basis, and thus, many of them use older models. These are the devices that testing must especially take into consideration, in terms of compatibility, functionality, bugs, etc.

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