No doubt those days with the analog systems, and just fine quality displays are gone! But the development from those interrupted displays to the HD displays has changed not only the technology but also has brought a huge change in the entertainment industry. These systems are not limited; they come in a wide variety, considering the demands and requirements of the market and the customers.

The models come from 2x2 to 16x64 matrix switchers. So, as most of the places are not so big and not so small too, the 8x8 HD Bas T Matrix Switcherand also 12x16 HDMI matrix fits most of the places, the best. 


Features Of 8x8 HD Base T Matrix Switcher:

These 8x8 HD Base T matrix switchers are among the best systems for the offices, educational institutes, malls, companies, sports clubs, restaurants, bars, and many other places that require the 8 ultra HD screens, form 8 ultra HD sources. There are many features that are available to support the quality and resistance of the system. The features are:

  • This is HDMI version 2.0 (Support [email protected] YUV4:4:4).
  • It supports 3D.
  • This system supports the bandwidth of up to 18Gbps.
  • There is HDCP2.2 input, HDCP2.2 output, and also HDCP1.4 input, HDCP1.4 output.
  • This system supports HDR10.
  • You can connect 8 ultra HD displays from 8 ultra HD sources, including the 8xSPDIF Audio.
  • You can regulate the connections between the 8 displays and 8 sources. 
  • For control, there are support panel buttons, local IR, RS232 control with the command, IP control, & Web GUI control. 
  • The Dolby True HD and DTS-HD master audio is supported by this system too.

You can opt to buy this, or you can also buy an HDMI matrix switcher that suffices your requirements, according to the space you have.