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 Outdoor excursions and adventure trips often include bikes kike mountain bikes and aero bikes. But, the transportation problem lingers, bikers prefer to transport their bikes with safety and proper precautions. It is because often bikes get damaged during transportation. And, a damaged bicycle is enough to spoil all the fun.

For safe transportation, a proper car rack for the bike is necessary. If you need guidance to buy the ultimate bike rack for your car, then you can read this article to know more.  Here you will find the detailed guide in this matter-

  • Understand what you will be carrying

The first thing you need to consider is what you are going to carry. If you are bringing bikes, then make sure to include all the accessories ad other things. You need to understand the activities you are going to do on your trip and take note of all the accessories for your bike. It is crucial.

Additionally, make sure to understand the number of activities you perform in a single year. Because, your car has limited space, And if you install a separate rack for each accessory, you may not get enough space. Therefore, it is better to invest in a versatile frame that can accommodate multiple things.


  • Check your vehicle type carefully.

 If you are using a motor vehicle to transport your bike, then you need to check the vehicle type before buying a bike rack. Because different cars support different bike racks. That means if you have a sedan, the frame will be different. For SUBs and trucks, the bike racks are different. A wrong bike rack may not fit in your car and may cause some additional troubles.


  • Check if your vehicle has already some fitting

 You need to check if your vehicle comes with some fitted racks like roof crossbars or trailer hitch. Because, if there is something like that you may need to install a part of a rack fitting. Otherwise, you may need to install dome other outfittings besides the bike rack fr your car.

There are different types of car racks. The racks depend on your car model and of course. Your bicycle model. Here are some models that you can consider-

  1. Hitch racks-  hitch racks are great if your vehicle has no existing outfittings. The hitch rack is fitted into the receiver of the trailer hitch of a car.


  1. Roof racks:  Roof racks are one of the most popular car bike racks. It is because you can install roof racks in any vehicle- small or big. It can also carry other items like skis, kayaks, surfboards. Hence, a single frame is enough for everything. The racks are fitted in the roof of your car. Roof racks are popular because they are stable and allows you to access your vehicle without any obstacles. But if you have a heavy bike, then you may have to get help to transfer your bike on the roof of your car.



  1. Truck racks:  Truck racks are specially designed for pickup vans, mini trucks, and regular trucks. They can carry multiple bikes together. Truck racks are installed on the trunks along with straps and hooks. But, trunk racks need some support to keep the bikes safe because the bikes may get damaged during transportation.

If you are planning to buy a bike rack for your car, it is better to consult a fellow biker who is an expert or visit the nearest store to check on some models. You can also search on the internet to understand what you need to buy.