The US Department of Defence (DoD) has gone for some real changes in its policy, certification for its vendors, and also deployed a different cloud server with the software versions that are exclusively designed to meet the cybersecurity according to the new CMMC rules. According to the FedRAMP, controls have been imposed on cloud functions, storage, and software usage.

Keeping up a parity with all these, new software versions have been included for all the DoD contractors. The group of software that has been made available at the portal is all censored according to CMMC and they are meant to support the vendors in their working. The straightforward word that remains here is that the vendors will have to use the software that has been provided at the DoD platform.

To give you the best support in that way, you can reach Ariento at, as they are the licensing authority to support you in all the aspects that are related to CMMC. Starting from the auditing that is made mandatory with the latest CMMC, to the hardware fixing and software allocation, you can get all types of supports from Ariento.

The software that has been allotted separately by the DoD for their vendors or even the third-party vendors too are –

Microsoft Office 365 – All the document related works have to be done through this tool and that is a separate version that has been released for the vendors and sub-vendors by DoD.

Druva Backup – Hacking is installed even when you put a backup of the files that have been used for DoD. Hence, a backup tool has been issued too for the vendors.

Zoom — Video conferencing will be done through this tool only. The version has not been released till now but will be coming soon for the vendors.

Google GSuite — All the Google tools will be here for you, and that you will find with only a 14-day trial.

Few other tools are there for invoicing and stock recording and related to the logistics that have to be maintained.

Adobe Cloud – the biggest hacking agents remain there at the cloud storage and hence Adobe Cloud has been allotted for the vendors by the defense authority of the US.

With the above things, CMMC FedRAMP has issued complete control over the vendors and issued 5-level security for them, for the Government and also for the nation.