Pronghorn Property Inspections is a local home inspection company located in Round Rock, TX. We specialize in home inspections in Round Rock, Austin, Cedar Park, Pflugerville, Georgetown, Leander, and surrounding areas. We also provide home warranty inspections, new construction inspections, and termite inspections.
Have your Round Rock home inspections done right? Receive clear, easy to read reports, and enjoy an informative professional who takes care and pride in what he does.
Residential inspection is the visual evaluation of the major components. Residential inspection Round Rock TX is very important before buying a home because it helps you to protect your investment. No matter how experienced you are but you can not identify all the defects in the home. When you buy a home without an inspection, the home has defects that cause expensive repairs. The advantage of the Residential Inspection Round Rock TX is that you have a clear idea about the major and minor defects and the investment that needed to make repairs.
Our inspector also identifies the safety and security concerns and provides you suggestions. If you need Residential Inspection Round Rock TX, we have got you covered. Here at Pronghorn Property Inspection, we have an experienced inspector who will inspect all the components in detail and provide you unbiased information.