Instant Apps provides Android app developers the opportunity to test their solution in a dynamic environment. They can implement necessary changes in response to reviews to improve the native app’s performance and utility, thereby increasing user retention.

Ensuring a Good User Experience

Android app developers can ensure a smoother, bug-free user experience by creating the mobility solution using a MADP (Mobile Application Development Platform). This platform offers deep libraries of pre-configured business modules, pre-built technology components and a design studio with hundreds of options, which can be used to create the app by a simple drag and drop approach. This relieves the Android application development company from focusing on writing thousands of lines of code and, instead focusing on ideas to create more value for users and providing the fabulous user experience.

The modules included in the MADP already implement industry best practices. Moreover, they are thoroughly tested, so Android app developers can rest assured that these are completely bug-free. This also saves time that would have been spent on testing and bug fixing.

By using a MADP, an app can be created 10 times faster than by taking the traditional route of writing code from scratch. Since the app is ready in 6-8 weeks and it can incorporate the latest technological advancements in smart devices like facial recognition.

Test a Lite Version with Android Instant Apps

To enable Android app developers to offer a lite version of their app, Google introduced an innovative technology at its annual developer conference held in 2016 - Android Instant Apps. This came as an attempt to bridge the gap between the mobile web world and the native Android application development space.

Instant Apps has been introduced to the Google Play Store, providing Android app developers with the opportunity to test their core solution and gaining user trust. Instead of a bulk download of the native app, the user is provided with a lite version, reducing the efforts of users and Android app developers. When a user searches for an app on Google Play Store, instead of the single option of download, a new option has been included - 'Try it now'. This feature allows the user to test the application before deciding to download it.

When the 'Try it now' option is selected, the control is transferred to a web link that opens the Instant App version of the native app. The application contains only a trial of the core functionality which helps the user get a feel of the solution. With Instant Apps, Android App developers can now gain access to user reviews based on the performance of the demo or lite application and can make improvements to the app’s performance and utility according to the reviews.

Features of Instant Apps

App Trial: Instant Apps are designed to allow users to test the basic workings of a native app. Based on their experience with the lite version, they can decide whether to download the native app. This eliminates the hassle of downloading hundreds of apps to identify the most suitable one.

Memory Space: Many people delete apps to save memory space on their smartphones. Even apps that aren’t often used may consume a large number of mobile resources. Instant Apps provides the user with the option of running the rarely-used apps in the lite environment.

Link Sharing: Instant Apps removes the hassle of downloading the native app. Users can share links to some video or blog post with their friends or colleagues, who can view the content without having to install the app.

Better User Interaction: By testing the application in the lite version, users can provide necessary feedback to Android application development companies for improvements.

Currently, there are only a few apps that provide the Instant Apps option. With so many benefits, Android app developers are likely to increasingly provide this option to users.

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