here’s a list of five essential tips to make the most of iOS app development.

1.Content Layout

Apple itself suggests that the users should be able to view the primary content of the mobile app without scrolling or zooming. Three of the most important rules for iOS app development are:

  • Deference: The layout of your app should be intuitive and fluid. The design should be clean without a lot of gradients, bezels, and shadowing.
  • Clarity: Ensure that the content of the app is large enough for users to read easily
  • Depth: When users navigate through the app, they should feel that they are moving ahead with detailed content.

For the best iOS mobile app development, consider the color of the font as some colors are not very visible in sunlight.

  1. Getting the Welcome Right

You need to get the first impression of your mobile right as it won’t get another opportunity to make the right first impression. One out of every four users abandons the app right after the first use. So, rather than the number of app downloads, you should focus more on user engagement.

Consider these tips to improve user engagement:

  • Create an eye-catching welcome page
  • Ensure that the landing page is simple and smooth
  • Offer tutorials if navigation is difficult
  • If users can create accounts on your app, encourage them to do so by telling them the benefits

  1. Error Handling

It is very common for coders to make logic errors every once in a while. Users often end up entering unexpected inputs which the app cannot handle. For example, the app might have a textbox for users to add their area code. While you checked the alphabetic characters, you did not check special characters like a question mark or an asterisk. If this data is stored in the unit where numeric storage is stored, the application might crash.

Such errors should be handled to make sure that rather than crashing, the app sends an error message to the users. For iOS app development, there is Swift Error Protocol to handle such errors. This class can be used to derive custom error messages.

Common reasons for which apps can crash include:

  • Memory management
  • Inadequate testing
  • Network management
  • Excessive coding

  1. User Interaction

As per a research by Localytics, around 52% of the mobile users have their push notifications enabled. These notifications can be used by businesses in many different ways, like promoting products or services, restoring abandoned carts, building brand reputation, or directing users to your website or social media pages.

However, the same notifications can also be seen as annoying by the users. Thus, it is essential for the developers to send notifications that are customized for specific customer groups on the basis of how they interact with the app.

Use these tips to send useful notifications to the users:

  • Create a strategy about what and how to send
  • Thoughtful personalized messages can work wonders
  • Forward messages on the basis of gender, location, age, etc

  1. Make Sure That the App is User-Friendly

Needless to say, iOS app development should be done in a way that the app offers the things that users have downloaded it for. If the app has several modules in it, offer quick guides for the same. There can also be quick tours for explaining them the features of your app.

You can also remain connected to the users through social media. Post regularly on social media pages to remind users of your app without directly disturbing them.

Use these tips to connect with your users:

  • Connect with the users on social media sites
  • Regularly post helpful blogs
  • Share videos, images, etc. that are related to the app and engaging
  • Wish the users on festivals and special occasions
  • Organize contests and giveaways to attract users

iOS mobile app development doesn’t have to be difficult if you keep the project organized and follow the right practices. iOS devices account for a major part of mobile users, making it a lucrative market for your business. If all of this seems overwhelming, a professional app development agency can be the best choice for you. Just make sure that you hire a reputed agency for the job and it’ll handle the project on your behalf.

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