Echo Dot devices are highly efficient and they can perform multiple tasks as compared to any other expensive echo devices. Amazon Echo dot has more than one functions, some of them are, music playback, alarm setting, to-do list creation, setting timers, weather updates, current news, etc. If you want shopping then the Echo dot can place an order for you at Amazon online store.

Echo Dot Setup

Echo devices can also manage and control smart home devices such as switch the lights, locks, Ac thermostat, ON/OFF washing machines, vacuum cleaner, and many more. Amazon Echo dot artificially intelligent to learn new skills and it keeps learning all the time. They are also adaptive in nature and can adapt to the user's speech pattern, vocabulary, and personal preference.

Echo Dot Setup:

1. For the Echo Dot setup, the user needs to connect the Echo dot to wifi connection with the Alexa app. It is a simple and basic task which can be executed by following the instructions showing on the screen or you can follow the steps
described below:

2. The user needs to place an Echo device at the central location but bears in mind to keep it at least 21 centimeters away from the walls and also away from vents and blowers.

3. Now plug your echo dot device and turn it on.

4. At the same time, the user requires to download the Alexa app on smartphone/iOS/Android.

5. Alexa App is for IOS, Android and Dekstop users can download Alexa App from Apple App Store, from Google play store or Alexa Amazon com and with windows 10.

Alexa App and echo dot setup

6. The user also requires Amazon account for Alexa App and Amazon Alexa login. Connect Alexa to wifi for Alexa App Setup. After Echo Dot Setup, the Alexa App feels like a Standalone device.

7. Continue to follow on-screen instructions in the Alexa app and choose a particular language that you are comfortable with.

8. Select the Echo Dot device from the list of various devices. And grant all permissions that are asked by the Alexa app.

9. For Echo Dot Wifi Setup- search for a wifi network.

10. Now select a wifi network and connect the echo dot by using a password in it.

11. The orange light ring on the Echo dot turns on which shows the connection of the internet.

12. Within a few minutes, the light turns to blue, denoting the established connection.