Sharp air conditioner prices Today we will explain to you about Sharp air-conditioners, which is considered one of the air-conditioners of great importance to customers, as there are many models of it, so that the customer chooses what suits him, and our company is one of the specialized companies that provide all the requests that the customer wants, to get all the services provided by the air conditioning to all customers .
Sharp air conditioner prices
 Firstly, Sharp air conditioner 5 hp freezing and hot with a model of its type: O-Trfs36, its price is about 13,000 EGP.
Secondly, Sharp air conditioner 6 hp cool and hot free stand of its type O-Trfs48, its price is about 16,000 EGP.
Third, Sharp air conditioner 7.5 hp cool and hot free stand of its type O-Trfs60, its price is about 17,900 EGP.
Sharp air conditioner prices This air conditioner offers a set of features that distinguish this air conditioner from others so that all customers enjoy these specifications that we present to you through the following points
1. Sharp Free Stand Air Conditioner is distinguished by a wonderful design and high quality in order to keep up with the current era. It is available through this air conditioner with an LCD screen so that the customer can display all the information through this screen.
2. This company follows modern technology and this results in Sharp air-conditioning with high quality and is considered one of the pioneers of companies in the field of air conditioning and refrigeration.
3. These free standing air conditioners deal with high efficiency with climatic conditions and handle high temperatures.