The goods that can be sold, delivered in digital form are termed as digital products. Also, digital products are shipped electronically to the customers through email or they can directly download it from the internet.

Products in A Digital Goods Marketplace are IT and software, audio and video files, E-Books, Website Design templates, Games, Digital photos, Gold fund or stock traded in the digital market, Online classes

Digital products maintain independent business models. The supply chain is entirely different from the supply chain of a normal physical store. There is no burden of maintaining physical stock as far as digital products are concerned. Let us take a look at the business models of digital products

Revenue Model for Digital Good Marketplace are Advertisement Model, Commission Model, Subscription Model. The best way to builds your multi vendor digital product store with Zielcommerce. It is a fully customizable, Quick launch and more secure and scalable. It has an exhibit with excellent features to the business requirements and preferable choice who’s looking for a ready to launch.