It seemed like yesterday when consumers opened a phone book to find local companies that offer the goods and services they need. In recent years, our advances in technology have made phone books almost completely obsolete and this SEO services in Cape Town says internet search engines have replaced them. Consumers' online shopping habits are constantly changing and evolving, but one thing we can be sure of is that search engines play a major role in our modern shopping habits.


A study has shown that more than 60% of consumers using Google will click on one of the top three search results and ignore the rest. The basic idea is that your company needs to rank at the top, or your customers will go elsewhere. Luckily, there's a way to ensure your top spot and it includes search engine optimization or SEO use. If you don't already invest in SEO, here are the top five reasons that are essential for your business -


@1 It works

Some business owners see SEO as a marketing trend, but the reality is that companies actually succeed in investing a lot of time and energy in SEO strategy. Using search engine optimization strategies will not only help you increase your search ranking, but it will run a steady flow of traffic to your website. Of course, we can't expect SEO to always be the same, and many practices have changed and evolved over time, but the basic premise is what it was a decade ago.


@2 Most consumers do a lot of research before making a purchase

All consumers research more than 70% of online companies before giving up their business. Based on these statistics, having a simple functional website is no longer enough! You may have the best website on the Internet, but if potential consumers won't bury you in search results, you'll lose your business. A large part of SEO is not only increasing the visibility of your business, but doing so by regularly providing consumers with relevant content. Keep in mind, if your website is properly optimized, visitors are likely to become lifelong customers.


@3 Small businesses can exclusively benefit from SEO

Mobile devices empower people to find the businesses they want and where they are, without needing them. Most Google searches are done from a mobile device, and it takes up to 100 billion monthly searches. Additionally, the data has also indicated that most consumers are looking at local search results when employing search engine usage. Business owners who take the time to customize their websites for local SEO can instantly beat local residents and competing corporations.


@4 Everyone is using SEO

Even though your business is lucky to stay away from past customer traffic or foot traffic, the reality is that it won't happen in the future. Businesses are getting harder and harder to rank in search engines and by taking a long time to implement SEO, your competitors only have to move on. SEO ensures that there are only 10 available top spots in popular search engines, meaning millions of businesses are competing for the coveted 10 locations.


@5 Build credibility with SEO

Most web users don't even see paid ads in search results, but also focus on organic search results. When you take time and money to invest in SEO, you not only get high rankings, but consumers double your chances of trusting your company. The combination of great rankings and high-quality content can help make your brand faster and create positive feelings among consumers towards your business.



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