As time is evolving, real estate is evolving. Over the years Chandigarh has received immense popularity for being one of the best real estate destinations. Now there has been a recent shift and we have been seeing a change in the trend with Mohali standing second to the city of Chandigarh. The greatest level of infrastructural development is what is attracting buyers today to invest highly in the city. It has been seen that a person investing in residential property in Mohali is happy to the fullest level because of the benefits he is grabbing out of the city. However, some key advantages make Mohali different from the rest of the cities in terms of living. Here’s what you need to know more.



There have been many factors seen while the buyers select a property for themselves and their families. The 2 most crucial factors are the best kind of living environment and the resale value the property holds. Being the fastest developing city, Mohali is seeing a rapid rise in the IT sector inviting more people to live a life of comfort and happiness. Apart from Mohali people today are also investing with its close neighbour by buying luxury apartments in Zirakpur.



Attractions are the standing factor many people desire out of a place. Today, people are looking up to living around the places of attractions. Today we can witness a major change by finding people investing in flats in Kharar, a close neighbour to the city of Chandigarh and Mohali. The major influence for the investment comes with the greatest attractions that invite the buyers and live with the beauty of the city.



Employment, as well as educational growth, are the two main factors a considerably decent place should have. Mohali has the premium level of those including some of the best educational institutions as well as places of employment. These days many educational institutes have opened up in Mohali to provide the finest of education for the children across the city.


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