Computerized Maintenance Management System also known as CMMS software helps in maintaining asset performance and also schedules all the maintenance activities of the assets. The software maintains the record of assets and performs other tasks like tracking and scheduling maintenance, logging completed work, managing inventories of parts and supplies for equipment. By managing all the assets at one place, CMMS software eases the tasks of technicians when they want to check asset performance. It eliminates the need for paper-work and maintains all the data on the computerized database of the company. The CMMS software is used by all sizes of companies and helps them to improve their productivity by optimizing processes.

Checklist for selecting the best CMMS Software for your organization

Choosing the right CMMS software that is well suited for your organizations needs is a challenging task. In case of incorrect decisions, the results can directly affect organizational productivity and efficiency. It could result in downtime of equipment, loss, de-motivated employees, and other issues. The below highlighted checklist can help you in assessing and selecting the best CMMS software that aligns perfectly with your business requirements:



List of requirements

Making a list of all your requirements starts right from taking into consideration all the assets you have and which assets you think should be maintained by the CMMS software. Create a checklist which includes all the maintenance planning functions, assets and inventories, analysis and reporting.

Cost and time for implementation of software

Deciding on the budget allocated to the software and finalizing the return on investment that is expected from the software is very important. This gives clarity on affordability and ensures that the affordability meets expectations.

Vendors list as per requirement

Once the budget is finalized, the next step is to find vendors that offer the CMMS software based on your budget. This factor will narrow down the search of the software to a greater extent and it will be easy to consider the further steps of buying the software.

Ease of use

Understanding whether the software is user-friendly or not and even making note of the amount of training required to understand all the features of the software is the key factor. So, ensuring that the software is easy to use for all levels of users in the organization can help save a lot of time which could be used later.

Third-party integration

For making the system more effective, it must be integrated with other applications that are used in the organization. This will help streamline the data flow in processes and also eliminate any errors.

Software training

All software needs training until all users have adopted the new process. So, it is vital to check if the vendor provides full-fledged training to all levels of users in the organization as this will keep them motivated for using this new system while working.

Customer support

Checking this factor is very important to understand if the vendor can quickly resolve your problems or not. It becomes challenging if there is downtime in the system. This can affect the entire process. So, if the vendor is offering ongoing customer support then it becomes very helpful.

Getting the right CMMS Software is always helpful for organizations for managing their maintenance of assets in time. The above checklist is the quick and handy basic criteria that can be considered while selecting the best CMMS software for the organization.

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