On-demand ride-hailing apps are extremely useful to people, especially those who are living in cosmopolitan cities. They will be fed up with heavy traffic and lack of parking space. Some people do not prefer to ride their vehicles through traffic. People prefer to choose ride-hailing apps like Ola to travel comfortably within the city. These on-demand ride-hailing apps seem to be a beneficial option not only for the riders but also for the entrepreneurs. New apps keep popping up in the market, and people love it. Everyone wants to grab their slice of the market, and only some end up unbeaten. 

You have made the right decision to get into this sector. But it is impossible to predict the exact cost of developing your application. The cost will increase based on the number of features that you choose to integrate into your application. The developers need to work for more hours for every extra feature to be added to the app. Features like the integration of maps, navigation features, and geo-location are some of the basic features that should be present on every on-demand service app. 

You must not forget to include digital transaction options like a credit card, debit card, PayPal, net banking, UPI, etc., as people will expect these features on the app. Additionally, features like social media plugins can help to speed up the registration process. The customers can directly register their account by logging into their social media account. Push notifications are something that will be extremely useful to convey information to the users. The users will get regular updates about offers, booked rides, promotions, related news, and articles.

When it comes to user experience, you should not make any compromises for the cost. The user should be well informed about the charges for every ride. There are four main criteria for estimating the cost of a ride. Base fare, cost per kilometer, waiting charges, safe rides fee should clearly be mentioned on the booking screen. The customers should also get a clear perspective about the types of rides you offer and its fares specifically. 

Besides that, you also choose to offer extra features like free wifi, music streaming, etc. Look for the drawbacks of the services provided by your competitors in the market. It will help to get a clear understanding of the market scenario and devise your business strategy to attract more customers.