Since the past few years, we have seen the kid’s bikes have gone upside down. We can now see bikes like training wheels and balance bikes as well. There are so many small size bikes that are available in the market found with disc and forks along with the little rippers. Even the basic kind of kid bikes have evolved a lot making their lives safer and fun. In order to take advantage of these advances, one can find several features to check with the new kid’s bike. Some of these bikes tend to remain the most expensive ones, how about checking the most expensive kid’s bikes as under:

Prevelo Zulu 2 Heir

One of the expensive bikes for kids include Prevelo Zulu 2 Heir, which cost you around 1000 USD. It has a 16-inch model trail slayer that is found with the disc brakes and is available with a suspension fork that is remained squished. It is exactly the same with a few rippers that would need to make the transition from the boke to the singletrack trails easy. These bikes have Disc brakes that remain the game changers for the same.