Clipping Path Associate provides creative image editing which includes improvement in colors, brightness, or removing stains and scratch, yellowish or partial damage from the pictures. Appearance of models are similar to any other ordinary human being but the model retouching services gives an attractive and inducing look to the models. This is done by generating an additional selection path or mask of a specific area of the model which can be there skin, hands, face, legs or any other part of the model. Color corrections are done according to the impression of the image and client’s requirements. Starting from hair retouching in Photoshop to fixing any tiny mistakes in the photo, we do it accordingly based on client’s requirements. Commercial editing is closely connected with dramatic photo editing and HDR photo editing. We can give you 100% assurance that you can get the highest level of quality without giving a highly expensive photo retouching price. We will process the whole thing professionally and promise to keep your image secure.

Model Retouching Service