Adopting remote support solutions rather than investing in an in-house IT department can help small businesses to save on critical resources such as time, money, and physical space. However, the benefits of remote desktop support are not always immediately evident, leading to a mistaken impression that in-person solutions are the best approach. To counteract this misconception, we have put together a list of the biggest advantages remote IT services offer small businesses.

Benefit 1: Rapid Response

Many IT problems are urgent situations that interfere with a company's ability to do business. Prompt issue resolution is a must. Remote support allows IT technicians to quickly and effectively resolve these problems by giving them immediate access to the affected systems. Rather than waiting for a technician to arrive on scene or compile secondhand data on the problem, this professional can immediately access the system, evaluate the problem, and begin repairs.

Benefit 2: Cost-Effective Pricing

Creating the space and investing in the team members necessary to establish an in-house IT department can be very expensive, particularly for budget-conscious small businesses. A single Network Administrator, for example, can cost more than $120,000 a year.


Remote IT services offer a cost-effective alternative. Most of these services, such as those offered by TXSG, come with a low monthly subscription fee. That lower fee, plus the fact that small businesses do not have to purchase any specialized hardware, or, in most cases, software, creates valuable cost savings.

Benefit 3: Remote Work Enablement

With the growth of remote work in response to the global pandemic, more and more employees are working from, and requiring support from, home. Traditional IT services would struggle to provide meaningful technological support to remote workers, considering the far-flung nature of these workers and the cost and time required to travel to individual home offices and workspaces.


Remote desktop support, however, makes it easier for employees to work remotely, and for their companies to provide the technological support they need. These IT services can easily access a device from anywhere, allowing the technician to quickly and effectively deal with issues no matter how far away the employee is working.

Benefit 4: Non-Intrusive Support

Traditional IT services must often interrupt an employee's workday in order to resolve a technical problem. These interruptions can lead to frustration, decreased productivity, and a sense of lost privacy for the employee.

Remote support, on the other hand, can work discreetly and non-intrusively to resolve and prevent IT issues. For example, much of the proactive work necessary to keep a network up and running can be completed in the background, where it cannot disrupt employees' work. Even when issues do arise, remote IT technicians can resolve these problems without requiring the employee to leave their desk or office.

Non-intrusive remote support can improve employee productivity and their sense of satisfaction, leading to better morale as well as a healthier IT infrastructure.

Benefit 5: Network Security

Data security is paramount for most small businesses, particularly when they work in sensitive industries such as healthcare. Protecting your and your clients' personal information is a necessity no matter what type of IT service you decide to use.

Remote desktop support provides the high-quality IT services required for your small businesses while also improving your network security. Here at TXSG, for example, our cybersecurity teams can deliver HIPAA and HITECH compliant security solutions even when working remotely.

Benefit 6: Environmental Friendliness

Environmental consciousness is becoming increasingly important for businesses in any industry. Being able to reduce one's carbon footprint and promote one's businesses as environmentally friendly can help your business earn more customers and operate in line with your values.

One small way to reduce your company's carbon footprint is to adopt remote IT support. These services cut back on the resources needed to set up a physical, in-house IT department. In addition, because technicians do not have to drive out to your location, they use less gas and money.

Add in the possibility of saving on resources such as electricity when you can securely and confidently allow your team members to work from home, and remote IT services make a meaningful difference in your company's impact on the environment.

Benefit 7: Cloud Access

Most remote desktop services utilize the cloud in some way in order to provide their services. The cloud has many advantages over physical data storage, including strong security, universal access, and low costs.

Adopting remote services that also give you access to the cloud can be a smart move for a small business. Private cloud hosting, for example, can transform a traditional data center into a cloud-based one, with lower costs and increased scalability. Through the cloud, you can securely store your data, and your remote IT support professionals can access the data necessary to handle your IT infrastructure.

Because the cloud can be accessed anywhere at any time, it also provides a very convenient way to enjoy consistent support and to enable a remote team to work and collaborate effectively together. The cloud, of course, has applications that go beyond simply remote support. However, cloud-based remote support can be a valuable way to keep an IT infrastructure up and running.

Remote desktop support can be a useful way for small businesses to implement the IT services they need at a cost that they can afford. Remote support's many benefits include a rapid response to technological issues, cost-effective pricing, remote work enablement, non-intrusive support, network security, environmental friendliness, and cloud access.

If you need assistance with IT for your small business, considerTXSG. Our experienced, ethical support services include remote assistance for businesses of all sizes. Enjoy the IT support you need, at a cost you can afford, and benefits you desire, with an IT services company that has a proven ability to create the right IT solutions for its clients.