As far as the demand for mobile applications increases, as the offer. With the increase in supply, it has become difficult to stay in the competition if you do not have something unique to offer. Mobile gamification is a method focused on user engagement and boost traffic to your application. This article will spotlight the importance of the game elements in your mobile application and increases the retention of users. Gamification elements execute fun games in the world of technology. It also encourages users to return and use the application again.

This strategy significantly affects human behavior by making things more entertaining and fun for users. A well-designed gamification application can stimulate the application of income owners and can be included in your to-do list of mobile application development.

The need for Mobile App Gamification

Gamification is a marketing strategy by acting methods such as competition, social interaction, rankings, awards, and progress display. People are more motivated to complete a task when they know they will be rewarded in the end. And gamification is a guide that excites the interest of users in using your product.

Provide different users experience each time can draw the user in the game and increase the interest generated. This will allow them to interact with the application more often. The impacts of chances to win more users than you think. This meets the objectives of both ends, the owner of a business, and the user.

A user is excited to perform the task and receive a reward for the same. And entrepreneur extends its gains and gets a happy customer who is likely to get new people to join the application.

How Gamification Elements Works


To encourage users to earn rewards for using your application can benefit both sides. People are more likely to complete the activity if they know they will get rewards for their efforts. Boosting user participation is also a source of additional income.

There are several ways of rewards based on the app and gamifying your mobile application. Some methods are: Spending time using an application, making shopping applications, and participate in competitions of your application. Whatever the method used, it must take an intrinsic value to users.

Badges and meaningless points are not sustainable and must not be included in your to-do list of mobile application development. Another fantastic way to boost your users is to offer points that can be used as currency in the application. This way, users earn points that can be redeemed against physical or digital goods. Digital rewards are only useful in an application. There is no value in the real world. However, they tend to satisfy the most physical product users.


Self-expression is desired by all people and is the basis for social networking applications. But this desire is inconceivable addressed by other types of mobile applications. Users can better express themselves with badges, avatars, and other virtual products. Understanding your product and user helps you to succeed.

Provide digital rewards is the next great tactic to retain your customers and stimulate social interaction. Digital rewards reinforce the relationship between gainful and rewarded, dragging the recipient in an application to redeem the gift.

A messaging service application, Traces, gamification use such tactics. This application allows users to leave digital rewards using any image mixing, video, text, notes, and bonds on the premises of their boyfriend are taking on arriving there.


The gamified mobile applications can be a combination of rewards and achievements. Since rewarded significant achievements of digital trophies, badges, unlock a new level, new status, or points, small achievements could even be recognized when the user is new to the application.

Some cases of receiving recognition send a push notification or email when the user gets their first suggestion of history or the first follower. People also like to share their achievements, especially when they are hard to reach. You can remind users to share their braces right after receiving it.

Goals usually represent mobile application challenges. Users as they feel as if they are on a mission using an application. digital trophies have no monetary value, but can be shared via social media success. Achievements are a fun great way to delight the users.


Sometimes only the recognition is not enough. People are social animals and like to compare themselves with others. Sometimes the victory is more important than recognition. The points can be used to display the achievements, while rankings may classify users and their achievements. Leaderboards encourage users to become players, boosting competitiveness, and can help drive user behavior desired.

For example, TwoFit is a training application that has a competitive element. Users can dare their friends to a workout routine. They can compete against each other and see their final scores. The results are then displayed on the Challenge card.

However, in this case, the additional training and competition with each other, not everyone are interested in the competition. Some people like teamwork and mutual support.


Humans are generally proud and like to prove their status. Notes or digital levels are classifications that can help them win the position they desire. On Twitter, your status is amplified by the number of fans you have on Facebook, it is the number of people or subscriptions to your page. LinkedIn has a status of "All-Star" once you have completed filling all sections of your profile.


Most developers use Game Center Apple, Google Play Services, and Amazon Circle Game; However, you should not rely on these tools when creating your application. These tools exist for the development of the game, but all applications can use some features that offer these libraries. It is easier to add rewards, badges, virtual goods, leaderboards, and more gamification elements to your application.

Many mobile app development companies in India have already started using such gamification tactics. Gamifying, an application can make a unique experience and therefore make your app more engaging. More engagement gets your most notable application, discovered, and incomes. Therefore, if you have not thought of yet, consider now.

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