The Google-owned operating system, Android is a software platform of the digital age. Smartphones have transformed the mobile phone from a medium of telephonic communication to devices that have true computational power. Android app development has led to the creation of service offerings that leverage all the capabilities of this platform to make life easy for users.

So, let’s find out what makes Android app development so popular.

Design Guidelines

In comparison to other mobile app development platforms, Google has outlined a clear framework for its developers when it comes to design, which results in some smooth functioning UX and intuitive UI. There are more guidance and documentation for Material Design and which makes the Android mobile app development more streamlined.

Language support

Smartphones have gone beyond the scope of a singular principle language, that is, English. Two decades ago, cell phones were used by business executives alone, but now they are used by everyone for interpersonal communication. A lot of non-native smartphone users flock to Android since it ships non-English interfaces in over 70 different languages-- a great opportunity for every Android app development company. Android has overcome the language barrier and has extended the OS experience to a vast group of people in their native languages.

Open Source Platform

What’s great about Android mobile app development is that Android is an open source platform. And so, the Android app developers can afford to experiment with the software and develop new Android applications. This open-source platform is free to use, distribute, and transparent to modify. Another benefit of the platform being free to all is that a thriving community committed to reaching powerful outcomes together surrounds it. Android app development flourishes because of its open community.

Developer Friendly

To develop an application on the Android mobile app development platform, you simply need to register (by submitting an APK) as an Android app developer to get started. Once this is done, the Android app development platform furnishes a Software Development Kit (SDK), which contains simple and easy-to-use tools for app development that are free, sans any licensing fee. Moreover, the Android approval process is a lot less complicated when compared to other operating software, a perk that can increase the time-to-market of the product.

Extensive Hardware Range

The Android app development platform works on devices produced by over 400 different manufacturers around the world. Proprietary software associated with a monopolistic enterprise for core infrastructure exposes the development process to huge risks of becoming locked in with a specific vendor or technology. Android has no such limitations. The multitude of advanced features produced by diverse international companies allows developers to build the best-in-class apps.

Data Security

Google has a reputation for making some of the safest, most secure software in the world (second only to Apple) and this extends to its widely used operating software as well. When you hire Android app development services, you can be sure of receiving regular updates and security patches that fix vulnerabilities and bugs your app may include. Android devices provide the option to browse privately and without the scrutiny of Internet services provider.

Improved Performance

Google brings a number of advancements and improvements with each new release of the Android operating system. These improvements include an update to the system to ensure stability, better performance, more speed, and good connectivity, as well as other user-friendly new features. As Android is inherently a Linux-based operating system, it reduces the incidence of crashes by providing seamless operational functionality.

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