"Omaha Moving Boxes" is the business name. We rent moving boxes to moving companies, apartment complexes and apartment housesand condo units, industrial properties, corporate properties, residential properties, mobilehomes, and government buildings. We rent these moving boxes on a monthly basis so as to fulfill customer requirements. These moving boxes are also available on rent at our store located on South College Avenue at Omaha, Nebraska.


"Monster Tote" is the name for moving boxes which can be manufactured from durable polypropylene (PP) material. These moving boxes are strong, light weight, portable, environmentally friendly and green. This light weight cloth does not have any ink, glueplastic waste and no toxic fumes. Monster Tote boxes can be stacked up, stacked down, either brushed or rolled. They are created in standard sizes, with a huge variety of handles. We supply completely free shipping, rental by the month, and pickup services.


"We Proceed, You Shop" is our name to get moving boxes that are customized to your own specifications. All these boxes are manufactured from durable aluminum, but may be custom painted. "Monster Tote" move boxes are manufactured from polypropylene and polystyrene, and it is a sterile material. These boxes are lightweight, strong, and stack-proof, can be brushed or wrapped, with no cords, lockssprings or springs, and will withstand extreme climate.


"Monster Tote" moving boxes are available in a wide variety of sizes. We offer moving box sizes from six inches to 24 feet in width and length. We have to go boxes to accommodate residential, commercial, and industrial needs. These moving boxes can be utilized for all from a homeowner needs to store away the clutter so as to make room for the next move, to preserving furniture if remodeling a home, to keeping a few items so as to give an house an extra, new look. Or to maintain a basement space where a home will not otherwise fit. Or to keep items needed for a home improvement project such as for instance a home redesign. "Monster Tote" boxes may likewise be customized with a customized painting job, to give a box a unique appearance and also make it more aesthetically appealing.


"Monster Tote" moving boxes are easy to transport, particularly to smaller sized items. The bag can be readily rolled over a broom handle or folded, making hauling large items like furniture easy Moving Boxes Omaha. And economic. This box is also easy to stack to enable distance when stacking. They pile easily and can be piled and stored, without taking up valuable space when not being used. We are able to support both heavy furniture or other large items in addition to small items in those boxes. When not in use they might be stacked flat on top of each other for effortless storage or utilize if organizing them for safe storage.


"Monster Tote" moving boxes are offered in various colours and designs. We have"Monster Tote" boxes which are custom painted in lots of colors and styles. To present our clients a decision. We also offer custom, one-of-a-kind, one-of-a-year moving boxes at quite affordable rates. The boxes come with full color covers, a life time warranty, with or without a locking device and are priced competitively. We have moving boxes to suit virtually any size moving company requirements.