Salesforce’s State of Sales Report 2018 shows that sales reps spend two-thirds of their time on mundane administrative tasks like entering customer data.

Salesforce’s Sales Cloud – a cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform – decreases the number of resources spent on these tedious activities and helps to invest more in actual sales focused on customer needs.

These features help to understand how information flows in and out of the Salesforce platform, assist in eliminating administrative activities like data entry, streamline sales-driven processes, generate customer insights using analytics and AI, and curate actionable tasks based upon these insights – all directed towards making sales reps more productive.

Keeping these requisites in mind, Salesforce introduced some key changes in their cloud software for the sales rep to level areas of information processing and team collaboration:

Einstein Insights

The idea behind this feature update is to accelerate the process of identifying opportunities. For example, if customers in the manufacturing industry show interest in a particular campaign, the reps would know that their sales and marketing efforts would resonate more with these particular customers.

This would help identify prospects to target and also align resources for smoother, more effective campaigns. Cost-stricken marketing teams are especially benefitted by this feature.

Inbox Now App

Inbox Now is a mobile experience that helps sales reps conduct their daily activity charting easily – all without ever leaving the app. The platform includes crucial data, such as customer details, contacts, account data, customer availability, calendar events, etc., to reduce the risk to refer to old emails or customer files. It automates and captures meeting recaps and followup meetings. It also provides updates for key events like changes in the team, pricing decisions, and more.

Social Intelligence Module

This useful new feature, led by Artificial Intelligence, helps create a ‘social profile’ for a customer within the cloud. It uses social media feeds from Twitter and other news sites to gather business-related content and align them to existing leads or generate new ones and all this information is shared with the entire team (using the ‘Chatter’ platform). This gives customer insights to your reps before even going for a meeting and sets the foundation for building the client’s trust.

Sales Cadences and Work Queues

Sales cadences help a sales rep understand exactly how to reach out to a new customer. Multiple cadences can be linked together for multi-stage, more complex tasks. Similarly, Work Queues increase their efficiency by prioritizing tasks for the day, which can be customized for each client to highlight key information, strategies, and cues. These features are a part of a cloud solution called ‘High-Velocity Sales’, tailored to help sales reps in speeding up the sales process.


Source: Salesforce Productivity Feature