Offerup and Letgo are popular second-hand marketplaces for selling stuff to the nearby location. OfferUp has more than 90 million application downloads and a great many purchasers all over the world. This made a decision to take Offerup to the next level and to create a new application combining Offerup and Letgo.

A new change happened in online classifieds where the business classified Offerup improved its platform and created many business profits. The two classified legends joined together and created an impact on the classified marketplace among the customers and users.

(Note: A business opportunity is there to start an Online Classified business with both Offerup and Letgo core features).

What Changes Made?

The existing users of letgo and offerup tended to change the following.

  • Already Listed products should be posted in a new app.
  • New Application is available in both Android and iOS platform
  • Existing users will redirect to download new combined letgo and offerup application
  • Every user information will get transferred to the profile.
  • New services like jobs, the rental can be listed in the application
  • All safety and security programs are included in the new app.

Business Models

Entrepreneurs are willing to start an online classified business with revenue-generating methods.

  • Subscription/Membership Fees
  • Service Fees
  • Transaction Fees
  • Advertising

Subscription/Membership Fees

Subscription/Membership fees to use the application with advanced features. The basic functionality is free to use with normal features.

The subscription allows the product to view on the top of listings each and every day and have the best chances of selling.

In Pro Subscription only targeted for auto dealers. It is available in both OffeeUp and Letgo applications.

Service Fees

Seller fees are available only for OfferUp and sellers have to pay shipping fees for the shipped items. There will be a total of 10% fees for the final price of the item.

Transaction Fees

Transaction fees included for the buyers to get the products with online payments. The online payment can be done with PayPal includes charging a fixed price or a percentage for a transaction.

Featured Listings

Features Listings include the products in the higher position for the view of buying the products easily.

Google Ads

Google Ads are the application or the app is connected with AdSense to display the ads on the platform. This is one of the easy revenue generation techniques involved.

This is the business model for the second-hand marketplace with revenue generation methods

Currently, the online marketplace business is high when compared to the previous month because the new move happened in combining OfferUp and Letgo. It is the right time for Entrepreneurs to start combining business with OfferUp Clone and Letgo Clone core features. To start an online classified business contact [email protected]