Gili Ketapang island is one of the best holiday destinations in Indonesia. It's popular among both tourists and Indonesian people because of its wonderful beaches, stunning scenery and its tropical climate. Gili is the second biggest island and most visited destination on Madura, Java archipelago. It's an perfect holiday destination for couples and honeymooners who love to spend their time in the sun. The island is renowned for its amazing beaches with exquisite coral reefs, white sand, crystal clear blue sea and white sands.


Gili is situated between both Madura and Java Island and administratively it's located between Probolinggo and Kuta. Its administrative area is approximately 10kms north of Madura and about 7kms east of Madura. It's the largest island by land mass in Indonesia. It's the most popular tourist destination for people visiting Indonesia. As a result of its natural beauty, Gili has been an important area of fascination in Indonesia, attracting thousands of tourists and holiday makers from every corner of the planet. This island brings holiday makers from Europe and America.


The most important reason for why Gili to be popular among holiday makers from different countries is its own natural beauty. It is not only an excellent location for spending some time on the shores, but in addition, it has a great deal of attractions and historical places that draw tourists from various areas of the world. There are several historic sites and attractions which may be visited on Gili like the Gili Islands Museum, National Museum and The Botanical Gardens of Gili Ketapang. The Gili Islands Museum is situated on the island and is one of the earliest museums of Indonesia.


Other popular tourist attractions include the botanical gardens, that are located at the south of the island. These gardens house a variety of plants of various sorts. You will also find the wonderful coral reefs in these gardens gili ketapang. The Gili Botanical Gardens was established in 1965 and it's among the most visited tourist attraction in Gili.


Another popular tourist attraction of Gili is that the Bali Zoo. This zoo is renowned for its distinctive and vibrant animals. The animals are fed well and have all the amenities which can make them healthy and comfortable. They get to interact with each other and therefore are given fresh water daily. The zoo also provides people the opportunity to feed and look after the animals. Other famous animals at the Bali Zoo include monkeys, tigers, cheetah, leopard, and elephant, amongst others.


The famous Gili islands have lots of golf courses. If you are looking for some fun and experience then you need to stop by these golf courses. The sport of golf is popular here along with the classes are perfect for golfers. There are two golf courses in Gili.