Dragon Ball is a Japanese animation franchise manufactured by Akira Toriyama back in 1984. Toriyama drew the show for twelve decades, until he had been forced to give it up due to health complications. The original manga, published and illustrated by Akira Toriyama, has been serialized in Weekly Shônen Jump for twenty-six difficulties, with each chapter being released in five tankobon volumes between 1984 and 1995. The series has spawned several sequels, films, video games, and spinoffs, and continues to be popular to this day. It is not surprising that this collection remains around; it's very entertaining and has been proven time and again to be a great way to spend your Saturday afternoons.


In the original Dragonball, Toriyama place the narrative in space in which Goku (Son Goku) was destined to safeguard the Earth by ruining Frieza (King of the Saiyans). To do this, Goku had to use his amazing powers of flight and energy beams to fly from world to world. To do this, he had to gather up energy (trillium). As he gathered this energy, he also destroyed planets, which also maintained this energy. He'd then send it out in the kind of beams.


Dragonball was a very exciting series, as it gave kids the capacity to learn about the Universe by allowing them watch a young boy ruin planets while collecting energy from sunlight. When Toriyama chose to start his own manga series, he was looking for a new story to tell. Inside this manga series, Goku was given the chance to have a more powerful and stronger shift self - King Kamehameha, who was tasked to protect Earth. The series was called Dragonball Z, and it lasted for five decades.


Among the most well-known characters from the show is Kamehameha. Kamehameha, King Kamehameha, is a immortal, strong, but arrogant Saiyan warrior that are capable of flying and performing different martial arts. Kamehameha's dad Frieza was murdered by Goku, and in the end, Kamehameha vowed to avenge his father's death and become stronger than Goku ever was.


Dragonball Z started off strong, as it was able to construct a huge fan following. With every problem, Toriyama managed to include new villains, new special attacks, and plot twists dragon ball super characters. This kept the comic going for twelve years, until the last quantity released in 1996. The last volume showed Goku training to become Super Saiyan while still handling a battle against Frieza's son Piccolo.


There are a lot of similarities between the original Dragonball Z, however they're both anime and include a cast of great fighters. The two series were very popular with children and were well received in Japan for several decades. The manga is still accessible and is widely available in English translation. A current version of the manga can be obtained, but due to the language barriers, this version will be a little different from the original. The series is still quite entertaining for adults that enjoy great animated cartoon and a great story.