Since the beginning of the academic year 2020, educational institutions have been closed owing to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. In several countries around the world and India, schools are also functioning from home just like the other establishments. With the help of an online school management system, all the aspects of running a school are being carried out remotely. This is the only solution to ensure that that there is a continual learning process and schools are able to accomplish all their goals in a timely manner.

There are multiple features of school ERP software that can be optimized for the purpose. Such a system can also be customized based on the individual requirements of the schools. In order to deal with such extraordinary and unique circumstances, it is ideal that a web-based school management system is implemented. There are many benefits of this system and in the following lines, we shall take a look at a few of them based on the current situation.


Managing myriad activities with the helpful features of school ERP software 

  1. Admissions process: A major process in any school, admissions happen every year before the academic sessions start and can take up a lot of time. Administrators work hard during this period to ensure that everything happens correctly and one time. Conventionally, parents visit this schools to procure the applications, fill them at home and submit them on a later date. These physical forms are then checked by the admin staff and the process moves forward.

However, with school management software, the whole process is made easier. Parents can download the form from the respective web portal from their homes, fill them up and submit them online. The same can be vetted online by the administrators and based on the information provided, the admission process is carried forward or is cut-short. There is no chance of human error as the system highlights all the mistakes and this saves a lot of time and effort.

  1. Virtual/online classes: Almost all the educational institutions are relying on software for school in India to keep children up to date with their syllabus. Virtual classes are being conducted and using video conferencing, file sharing, whiteboards, etc, teachers are able to make the most from their homes. The timings and schedules are pre-set so that children have the same experience as learning in a classroom. They have breaks, homework and projects as well to keep them from missing school.
  2. Conduct assignments: It is only through periodic assignments and tests that teachers are able to confirm if their teaching is being understood and retained by the students. These are also being conducted online on the school software with a web portal. Teachers are uploading the relevant assignment and at the scheduled time, students are able to access the same. They answer the questions in the time given and submit it online. As soon as this is done, the grading happens automatically and the same is shared with students and their parents.
  3. Establishing effective communication: Since schools are not opened, it is essential to have a communication channel between teachers, students, parents and the admin staff. An online school management system ensures that an effective solution is provided in this regard. Parents are kept updated with their children’s progress, students are aware of what to expect from their virtual classes, teachers can help their students with their lessons and admin staff can check the progress of any students with just a few clicks.
  4. Collecting fees: Parents can choose from a number of online payment options enabled on the school management software for the fees. The schedule for this can be sent to the parents beforehand so that they are aware of when to make the payments. Since the fee structure of all the students in a single class is not the same owing to the optional syllabus module, generating the individual fee structure and schedule become easier with the web-based solution.
  5. Effective data management: Student data management software is yet another aspect that can be managed well even from home. There is a lot of information about students and staff that needs to be stored in the school’s database. Typically, storing them in individual files takes up a lot of space and effort. Contrary to this, if everything is available online, people with relevant credentials can access them even from their homes and get things done within minutes.


Optimize school management from home with school ERP software


All the above-mentioned points prove that schools can effectively be managed from home if they have complementary school management software. Since it is uncertain as to when things get back to normalcy, investing in such a solution is the ideal solution for schools of all sizes.