Advanced technologies play an important role in all sectors and help businesses and users to get their services done with simple clicks and saves time as well. The world has become more competitive with the latest technologies that come with customer expectations. In the recent renovate in FINTECH, technologies regulate financial sectors such as banking, insurance, payment providers. Etc. like changing the financial ecosystem and digital process transforms the basic methods of payment.

Today, everyone is aware that the digital transformation has changed the way of the service providers in the financial sector targeting customers with mobile applications without challenges. There had been a consistent perception of mobile applications focused on technology in almost all sections of financial services. The crossing of finance and technology has succeeded in the development of the feeling that began to accelerate the speed of development and transformed the situation of the financial industry.

What FinTech?

Fintech is a term referred to describe financial technologies such as blockchain, mobile, IoT, and artificial intelligence to provide financial services users hassle businesses. It uses digital technology to do the work which focuses on start-ups and new economic actors from products and services Innovate.

According to a survey of the IWC worldwide as at the date of the report, there are over 45 FINTECH companies with a total value of $ 187 billion in the United States. And the report says that the ecosystem FinTech increased too rapidly in recent years. global progress in the financial sector declined by nearly $ 45 billion in 2018, which was a big leap compared to last year.

The report EY, the FINTECH companies have gained significant market value. The highest adoption rate markets: China (69%), India (52%) against 62% in 2015

FINTECH Challenges in 2020

FINTECH the companies have evolved rapidly with a modest primary bid in a process in areas such as banking, insurance, trade, and investment and financing services, these companies adopt direct in the industry.

Although the FinTech change was in full motion for the last few years, there are many complex challenges that businesses are not yet FINTECH decide:

Data protection

Every financial company is trying to keep their data security for Internet sharing of cybercrime, like many industries FINTECH helps financial companies to protect their data with blockchain technologies that can help control the issue. While modern businesses cropping up, as the Blockchain technology must seek the most appropriate solutions.

Attracting new customers

FINTECH companies are strongly contributed to increasing investment, but it poses challenges in obtaining new customers because each new bank FinTech establishes its application to their operations and reduce the dependence of others. For new customers, attractive financial companies need to get their FINTECH technology as a mobile application.

Insufficient knowledge

Since FINTECH companies not meeting these clear instructions that have been mentioned to follow, there is much difference in the specific methods that must be served in the FinTech industry. Moreover, the world society has a theory on firms with over FINTECH rather than conventional series. FinTech change has the potential to disrupt the financial entrepreneurs, but until more users are trained on FinTech to become, error restricts some companies in the business FinTech realize their full potential.

Blockchain Alliance

Blockchain is a key technology that helps protect data and the fight against cybercrime. But when we discuss the security of financial sector data is the application that not only keeps all blockchain security and also used to provide confidence between the users a variety of investments.

They work on possible measures as an advance in banks and more reliable payment activities. However, we assume that the industry-wide Blockchain selection is quite difficult. For the full adoption of blockchain, experts can help you get to the origin.

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Artificial intelligence

Many industry analysts are working with the confidence that the AI will soon change almost every part of the financial services industry.

According to them, AI systems providers should be able to provide resources for automated asset management, the bank opened, and client authentication.

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advances in powerful learning technology in depth pave the way for the AI.

Also, if you have been told by the suspicious activities of your bank, you will get further benefits of AI. And how is that a challenge?

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It is because most financial institutions say it is impossible to take advantage of artificial intelligence, without being a real part of it.


All the above challenges are studied in various ways to obtain solutions to these problems. Many financial companies are facing different issues

When someone able to recognize business events, develop differentiated marketing standards, and encourage them in the largest meeting deadlines, they will be able to take advantage of it.

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