Video Marketing has emerged as one of the most engaging forms of content on the internet. Whether you run a business or are an influencer, posting videos can increase your engagement on Social Media. But before posting such videos, you have to put in a lot of work like designing, developing, and editing to make a video more engaging and understandable.

To do so, there are multiple video marketing software available that you can try to make beautiful videos. Don’t worry if you hold no previous experience in video editing.  To make stunning videos, below mentioned are some best marketing tools for you to explore:



If you want to make high standard marketing videos for your social media accounts quickly, then Renderforest is best for you. It provides the best quality video with very minimal effort.  It has more than 400 animated video templates that you can customize and use to make your professional video in 5 to 10 minutes.


GoAnimate offers you a handful of features to create stunning videos. It has a large set of templates that you can edit as per your objective. You can create your animated character just like you want with different skin tones, hairstyles, and clothing. You can also add your voice by recording it, or you can just upload a file.


If you want stunning videos for your Social Media, then Viewbix is your best bet. It can create stunning videos in just three steps. You can portray your message through an interactive video that can be redirected to your website. It also provides the Analytics option by which you can know how your video is performing.


With Slidely, you can use your media files and make a video slideshow. You can showcase some amazing slideshows like your journey of business from start to present day, projects you have worked on from beginning to end, and then share these videos to your social media handles, your website or even your blog. It is entirely free on the desktop, and its app is available for iOS and Android.


This tool helps you in creating significant business and marketing-oriented videos with ease. You can make a video in just a few minutes with its easy to use editing features which are suitable for first-time users. If you are an expert, then you can use their extensive audio library, pictures, visuals, and more.


Filmora has a drag and drop feature for ease and provides a vast range of overlays and filters to make videos more engaging and attractive. Most of the features are free. Its mobile app is also available for iOS and Android.


Wistia has a unique feature of in-built SEO, and this tool can prove to be a great help. Wistia will help to rank your video in the Google Search Engine. You can also track how your video is performing from its analytics function. You also have the option of lead generation for your business in this tool.


Magisto can help you in creating videos that can boost awareness and you can make promotional videos to let people know about your product or services. It will help you in generating sales leads and promote your business to a great extent. Even if you are a newbie, you can easily use its editor to create a logo, add music and designs to your work. You can also create a video specifically for Facebook and YouTube.


Lumen5 is a tool with unique features that help you to work smart, rather than hard. It allows you to improve and edit your old piece of information to make your video more engaging on social media. You can also link your article or insert a text. This is the right time to engage with your audience through videos.  Whether you are a newbie or an expert, the tools mentioned above will help you in stepping up your marketing game.