ONPASSIVE, an Artificial intelligence-based tech company is getting considerable hype in today’s digital era. Are you wondering is ONPASSIVE worth all these hypes? Well, I would say definitely yes. ONPASSIVE is entirely different from other businesses. Mr. Ash Mufareh, launched ONPASSIVE in the year 2018, aiming to help companies achieve their strategic objectives and goals.

GoFounders is another platform of ONPASSIVE, which allows individuals to become part of an online community. GoFounders online community allows its members to learn new ways of promoting business, sync with other community members, and share the same synergy and bond towards a shared goal.

Post successful registration at GoFounders, founders can access ONPASSIVE’s plug-n-play business automation tools. Artificial intelligence-powered tools will help you streamline your marketing initiatives and achieve tangible business outcomes. Besides, founders get an opportunity to earn long-term income with ONPASSIVE/GoFounders compensation plan. In this ONPASSIVE review, I will provide complete insights into ONPASSIVE to help you make the best decision.

Why shouldn’t you ignore joining ONPASSIVE?

Many people dream of launching a new business. However, financial hurdles and market challenges shatter their dreams of starting an online business. But, not anymore! Mr. Ash Mufareh has launched ONPASSIVE with a clear vision to help people fulfill their dreams of starting an online business. You don’t have to worry about hiring skillful team members and tracking the progress; business automation solutions do everything for you. You can enjoy your personal life together with your professional life.

Therefore, the GoFounders community is receiving massive registrations each day. As of today, the company has around 1, 35,000+ followers and is counting. Post successful registration at GoFounders, the firm ensures that its members have all financial freedom and are operating a hands-free online business.

Top Review Sites to Check the ONPASSIVE Review


Sitejabber is one of the best customer review sites. This site allows customers to identify legit businesses and avoid scams. Sitejabber has 1, 00,000+ reviews on different organizations across the world. In this site, customers post reviews of their experience with a particular brand. This allows new customers to choose the best brand and know their strengths and weaknesses. Sitejabber also allows customers to ask queries about the business. These queries are addressed by other customers or the brand itself. This site will help you get some extra information on a brand or an organization.

If you are still confused about investing in ONPASSIVE, you can use Sitejabber to conduct research and read the ONPASSIVE review. This would help you make the right business choice.


Hellopeter helps you learn from other people’s experiences and make smarter choices. This online platform allows users to write, browse, and learn about the services offered by organizations worldwide. In Hellopeter, you will find reviews of businesses across different sectors of the economy. This will help you make the best choice before investing in a new firm. While all reviews may not be genuine, multiple reviews will help you understand its main strengths and weaknesses. If you want more info about ONPASSIVE, you can read the ONPASSIVE review at Hellopeter.


Increasing customer experience is the key to achieving business profitability. Trustpilot, similar to others, is an online platform that helps customers know more about a brand through other customers’ experiences. What makes Trustpilot stand out from others is that it is free and open to everyone. So, anyone can make use of Trustpilot to know more about ONPASSIVE and its business model. You can search for the ONPASSIVE review on Trustpilot and get thousands of reviews written by people who love the organization’s unique business model.


If you are looking for the ONPASSIVE review to make your final decision of joining the company, Glassdoor is the best platform. In Glassdoor, you can access the job openings, read the company review, apply for new jobs, and get expert interview tips for getting hired. In Glassdoor, you will majorly find reviews of employees. Also, employees post experiences of their interview, which will help you prepare accordingly.

Glassdoor allows you to see the company’s salary and compensation, understand base salaries, and get more insights into the job requirements. If you are looking to get the ONPASSIVE review, Glassdoor can help you get genuine reviews and understand its advantages and disadvantages.


Mouthshut is a platform for customer feedback and experience. The platform mainly deals with sections including, automotive, food and retail, telecom, CPG, healthcare, travel, entertainment, fashion, real estate, and electronics. You must find multiple reviews on different companies across the world on Mouthshut. This online platform helps you to make an informed decision. Besides, this platform also provides recommendations of the best brands based on your needs and requirements.

To know more about ONPASSIVE, Mouthshut is the best choice. Don’t wait for more. Explore Mouthshut to find all you need to know about an organization and its services. At Mouthshut, you can collaborate with other customers and discuss your issues in the community.


AmbitionBox is similar to Glassdoor as it is mainly a platform for people looking to know more about the company, its salaries, and interview processes. AmbitionBox has millions of reviews to help you make the best decision of your lifetime. This is a platform that will help you make your best career decision. AmbitionBox collects reviews from real-employees to help others looking to start a new career with an organization. Users can also search for average salaries and interview questions through AmbitionBox. As of now, AmbitionBoz has 405K+ company reviews and is counting. Get to know more about ONPASSIVE through AmbitionBox.

Wrapping Up

ONPASSIVE and GoFounders is a great motivation for people who are willing to achieve great success in their business. There is no restriction on joining the firm. Anyone with less or no knowledge of new technologies and processes can collaborate with the firm. Apart from financial freedom, this platform allows you to collaborate with like-minded individuals. New entrepreneurs will get exposure to new things by collaborating with other members of the GoFounders community. The company is developing an ecosystem for businesses to survive and sustain in the global business, and lots of AI-driven solutions are in the pipeline, such as Trim URL, ConnectMe, and much more.

The company is receiving massive registrations each day, and there are multiple customer reviews available online about the firm. If you are still not sure of joining ONPASSIVE or would like to get more insights, go through the ONPASSIVE review posted by customers who have had a positive experience with the company. Connect with ONPASSIVE to gather comprehensive insights into their AI tools and applications.