In India, Cricket has a significant chunk of popularity among all the games. It is not a surprise that the number of cricket lovers in India is higher than any other sport. In the Indian market, cricket was the first Fantasy Sports and its growth is increasing day by day. In this world cup and IPL season, in place of just watching matches, make the cricket lovers play matches using your application. 

For many entrepreneurs, Fantasy Cricket Apps and websites have become the focus, it is an excellent idea to try your hands in Fantasy Cricket App Development for IPL 2020. Dream11 Fantasy Sports app was introduced long before in the Indian market and now millions of people are earning a huge profit from it. 

The Growing Trend for Fantasy Cricket Apps

The platform of Fantasy Sports Cricket app is full of excitement, fun, passion and the cash rewards fantasy sports lovers get from it. Fantasy Cricket App Development can be the finest step for your business career. There are millions of fans in India who are crazy about this sport. 

As per sources, the popular Fantasy Cricket App Dream11 has 6+ crore daily active users. In 2017, the growth of fantasy sports app users was 18 to 20%. In the year 2020, the mobile app downloads reached nearly 400.9 billion and the revenue reached 100 million. It is estimated that the Fantasy Sports market is estimated to grow at a rate of 13.2% and will reach $33200 by the year 2025.

Why should you Build a Fantasy Cricket App before IPL 2020?

People in India are emotionally attached to cricket and its not just a game for them. Fantasy Sports holds the attention of millions of users every year. This is the accurate time if you are thinking of Fantasy Sports App development just like Dream11. You still have time to launch your Fantasy Cricket App for IPL 2020 and make it profitable in just a couple of months. 

As per the industry experts, 2020 is the best year for Fantasy Cricket apps and there are high chances to make it successful. It is not required to start the Fantasy Sports App on all the platforms, you can cover the benefits if you develop the app for Android, iOS and web.

Should you Choose Dream11 Clone Script?

Most of the people are aware of this popular Fantasy Sports platform – Dream11. It is the leading player in the market and is achieving new heights every year. Dream11 is a software that allows people to create their own teams and get rewards on the basis of their team performance. The perks of buying the clone script of Dream11 are:

  • As compared to customized mobile apps, clone scripts are more cost-effective.
  • The launch of Fantasy Sports platform by business persons and entrepreneurs became easier and quicker.
  • The business owners can get the clone script most flexibly. Any changes required can also be done to meet the requirements of the client. 
  • This customized mobile app is scalable & robust and a great solution for business owners. 

Closing Lines

If you are planning to grow your business digitally in the sports industry and uncertain about building your own Fantasy Cricket App, then it is the best time for initiating the same. The idea is the highest benefit earned for the expansion of your enterprise. The Fantasy Cricket App has the most advanced traits with a trendy and user-friendly interface to interact with the users. Fantasy Sports apps are a popular platform through which you can easily try your hands in this emerging field.