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Understanding the Concept of Philosophy

Philosophy actually means "Love of Wisdom". Widely, philosophy is an encyclopedia of ideas about all the systems that accept nature and reality. Philosophy is not "Lifestyle". On the contrary, philosophy is a search for knowledge; It is an activity that people use to understand the basic truth about themselves and the world and to understand the meaning of the relationship or relationship between themselves and the world. Philosophy serves as a guide to survival, because it deals with fundamental and comprehensive nature-related issues.

Why is Philosophy Important?

Raindescartes said that having a good brain is not enough, the way we use it is important. The philosophy is that the world has it; It serves as the background of all the knowledge, ideas and foundations that have been acquired. There are two ways to make a decision to examine philosophy:

  1. To create or clarify your own philosophy
  2. Others should lead principles, subconscious minds, and philosophers, who encourage others and gather throughout your life.

The study of philosophy allows you to think seriously and discover new ways of thinking. This will allow you to identify and analyze errors and conflicts. This increases the ability to acquire important knowledge of new and acquired knowledge. Philosophy helps you think ideas, but it's eye-to-eye.

Philosophy does not become an abstract field, but it is the most practical course of study. The philosophy provides the gift of those useful skills outside the scope of bookish knowledge. This enables you to think critically, carefully and clearly. This enables you to solve any problem logically with the help of logic and sensitivity.

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