To start with a question it is a very normal one,” what is SEO writing?” because now these days if you are writing, it has become part of the trend.

But for those who don't know it here, it is just a way of engaging more customers trying to enhance your profit gain by including some of the most used phrases, for the searches online.

If you are thinking about how it works when we use just a few words right, then we understand your confusion.

You might be right in your thinking but we can tell you that when you provide any service or product you would like to inform your customers about it, isn't it? The same way everyone tries to inform customers about the products and the services, they provide.

While doing so they use the smart way to include SEO keywords in their content that is intended to help in the search.

This all works right when the customers looking for your products, use those particular keywords for their research works, and get landed on your product page: eureka!

Thus with the results that are coming from this freelance WordPress development trend, it's no surprised everyone wants to gain knowledge of the field.


Few guides that can help you with SEO writing are mentioned below


  • Choose a perfect keyword


This is actually is very important. While we choose a keyword we make sure that we are writing content that is going to be absolutely SEO strategies impacting.

Things to take care of while choosing a keyword, as any freelance WordPress designer team would do, is to search down what are the recent trending articles on the internet. The result has to be in relevancy to our products or services and then we can use the rightly searched products and services.

With the keywords results, one can draft a good and enticing article.


  • The title should be not less than perfect


A title helps anybody to read and understand what the whole article is all about. This should be done in a very careful manner because you don't only want to showcase what you are containing in the article but you also want to include the right keywords to be in.

The article length can be 50-60 characters but it should definitely include the right meaning and the right tag


  • Backup your right strategies of including SEO in your content


There is a whole lot of words out there in your article and you don't want every space of the article to be stuffed up with keywords. There is a strategy through which you can include the right keywords at the proper spacing. This way, your article will be safe from the Google inspectors, as is mentioned by many of the well-doing an SEO freelancer of India and foreign countries.

Here is a run-down as per which you can include your keywords while keeping a minimum break of 100 to 120 words:



First paragraph

Subheadings (wherever possible)

Alt-tags for images