It's difficult to find a wholesale weekender bags that's perfect for everything: a family road trip, a quick getaway with close friends, or a summer trip to the beach. Being just small enough to fit in overhead compartments or the backseat of your car is crucial, but let's face it, when it comes to a carry-on, style and functionality is important, too. Not to mention it has to hold your portable hair dryer, neck pillow and other travel accessories, and ideally have a separate shoe compartment to store your most comfortable sneakers. To take the stress out of selecting a cute weekender bag you'll want to keep forever, we've done some vetting and found the best of the best travel-friendly wheelie bags, duffels, and convertible backpacks, in a variety of sizes.

  1. Material

Most weekender bags are made from a nylon or a canvas material. Canvas is popular because it’s heavy duty and very durable. It also has a very nice and classic look to it. On the flip side, nylon can be more appealing to some because of its water-resistance. The material will also affect the look of the bag, which will probably be more important if you’re traveling on business instead of leisure. While the look isn’t necessarily the most important thing, you do want to have a stylish bag. When thinking about material, be mindful of the types of destinations you like to visit. If there’s a chance you’ll be encountering a lot of rain, then a nylon bag may be a better bet for you.

  1. Pockets / Compartments

One of the most common things some people look for in a weekender bag is a separate compartment for shoes, dirty clothes, or anything they’d like to keep separate. Also consider the other exterior and interior pockets and whether they’re pouches or they have a zipper to secure your things. If a weekender bag is all you’re carrying and want to have quick access to smaller things, like your phone, then a single exterior zipper pocket may be fine for you. To quickly get to larger items like your travel headphones, having side pockets that are easily accessible will be a very practical benefit.

  1. Size

Weekender bags are a great way to make sure you don’t overpack for short trips. Even still, be mindful of the dimensions before you purchase. Other than the fact that you want all of your stuff to fit comfortably, you’ll also want to double check the personal item measurements for the airlines you travel to ensure you don’t get charged for an extra bag because your “personal item” is too large.