Wholesale messenger bags are an option for people who want something less casual than a backpack and less formal than a briefcase. They can be great options for professionals, students, and especially bike or motorcycle riders. Whatever reason you choose to use a messenger bag, they provide ample storage and easy carrying for the items you need on a daily basis.

Pick a classic style for casual situations or a briefcase style for formal affairs. The appearance and typical materials of classic messenger bags make them the perfect match for casual dress, while the briefcase style mimics the formalness and professionalism of an actual briefcase. Other styles such as vertical and military bags can be great substitutes for the casualness of the classic messenger bag.

Select a professional leather bag or informal canvas bag. Most messenger bags are made either with canvas or leather. Leather bags tend to be more expensive and formal. Canvas bags are much cheaper and more casual.

Faux leather can be a cheaper option than leather bags, but still provide a formal look.

Nylon bags provide an alternative for those that do not like the look of canvas.


Choose a bag size that matches your body type. Your body size should be the deciding factor when choosing a bag size. However, you also need to consider what size load you will normally carry, if this will include a certain sized laptop, and what you believe your personal style is.

Larger bags tend to work better for larger frames and smaller bags for smaller frames.

Make sure to measure the width of your laptop before choosing a bag.


Pick features such as Velcro for quick access or clasps for secure closure. Velcro allows students and professionals quicker access to the items they need, while clasps assure secured closure for bikers and motorcyclists. If you are a biker, you also might consider getting a waterproof bag for bad weather or a bag with reflective patches to make you more visible in traffic. If you are a student, you might want to get a bag with laptop protection or multiple pockets for more storage.