A rollator is a mobility aid that consists of a metal frame mounted on three or four wheels. A pair of handlebars is positioned on one side, and there is usually a padded bar across the front. The handlebars are equipped with hand brakes for slowing down the rollator and for locking its wheels when the device needs to stay stationary. Rollators also have fold-down seats and many have storage baskets or bins built into their design.

Rollators Walker offer many benefits when compared with other types of mobility aids. With a rollator, you do not have to lift the mobility aid to take a step the way that you do with a cane or a walker. The rolling wheels allow you to simply walk as you ordinarily would, and the frame will help you to maintain your balance. The fold-down seat comes in handy when you need to take a break or if you have to stand in a line and need to rest your feet. The built-in storage solutions often included in rollator designs eliminate the need for additional accessories and are very convenient when you’re on the go.


– It is built on a Premium Aluminum Foldable frame.

– It comes with a durable padded seat that can be folded up or down and a padded backrest to provide adequate comfort.

– A concealed cloth bag is provided for storing personal day to day belongings which is also easy to detach if required.

– 6″ PVC castors are ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

– Dual height adjustment wherein the ground to seat as well as the height of the handles can be adjusted to accodmodate all its users comfortably.