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When it comes to launching any business, every feasibility report you make would have a great focus on the different costs associated with the business and your capacity to bear them.The process of shipping from China to Amazon FBA is multifaceted, and hence every facet has a different set of costs associated with it.

The Four Different Shipping Transportation Methods There are methods of shipping from China to Amazon FBA. Each of these methods has its own unique processes, characteristics, and costs.Some of them might have endpoints that coincide with each, for instance, most of the processes that you can choose for Air and Sea freight are the same for both of them. The four different transportation methods are:

Express Air and Sea FreightTrain (Only if you are shipping to Europe FBA)


Shipping Process

For shipments that are light and have less quantity of goods, express shipping is the easiest and most plausible transportation method. These goods are to be 1000lbs for instance. A courier company operates this entire process of shipping; consequently, the courier company deals with the customs related issues. All you need to do is track your cargo online. shipping from China to Amazon

Which express company to use?

Generally, it is recommended to acquire services from renowned courier services. FedEx and UPS are the most feasible courier services when shipping to the U.S due to their wide and branched out the delivery network.

Due to their professionalism when it comes to customs clearance, these two companies are the best choices.

However, people tend to choose the German company DHL since it is much cheaper in comparison. With DHL however, shipping is often delayed even though it is a better-established company.

In the scenario that you choose FedEx or UPS as your courier services, you don't necessarily need to contact the company. You can simply contact your Chinese supplier and consult him/her about the shipping and delivery cost of your goods into Amazon warehouses. Essentially, you will be paying your supplier to organize how the product is delivered to you. shipping from China to Amazon

Weight Considerations in Express Shipping


The typical calculation of shipping costs is done with regards to the dimensional weight and real weight of products whichever is more. This is because even if a product is lightweight if it occupies a large space

Shipping quotes essentially estimate what your final landed cost would be. The two types of shipping quotes you will be getting are the Ex Works pricing terms and the Freight On Board pricing terms.

freight on Board (FOB) shipping from China to Amazon

Also sometimes called the ‘free on board' pricing terms, the FOB terms mean that the seller has agreed to transport the goods to the port nearest to the buyers. This shipping cost is usually in addition to the cost of the product.

An example of a FOB pricing quote is $4.50 FOB (supplier is obligated to get the finished good


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