There are many ecological issues in this day and age, and potential water shortages is one. Cities and suburbs are growing, which not only increases the demand on our water supply, but also affects watersheds and runoff. However, installing a water harvesting system in a commercial building can have a positive impact on water resources.

The Rainwater Harvesting Process

The rainwater harvesting systems for commercial buildings use roof-top harvesting and surface run-off harvesting as the two supply sources. The critical components of a commercial rainwater collection system include the pre-treatment, storage, processing equipment and pressurization for use. Rainwater from the catchment is diverted to the pre-treatment filter before entering the storage cisterns. These storage tanks can be located above or below grade. The water that is captured is then filtered and sanitized for non-potable applications such as irrigation and toilet flushing.

Why Rainwater Harvesting?

Businesses today not only have to save on costs to remain competitive, but they also have incentive to demonstrate ethical and sustainable practices. The rainwater harvesting systems for commercial buildings work toward both the financial and sustainable goals of any business. A rainwater harvesting system can reduce the municipal water consumption by up to 50% while also saving the building from the harmful impacts that stormwater run-off may cause. Many water needs for non-potable purposes can be met through the treated water that a commercial rainwater harvesting system provides.

Installing a rainwater harvesting system in a commercial building may result in reduced water costs and improved social positioning. Call a leading provider of water harvesting systems to learn about the immediate and future benefits.

About the Author:

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