Every one of us certainly would like to pick the right place after retirement. It is that phase which is like the prize of life-long hard-work and the rest of the years are leisure. As per Maslow’s hierarchy theory, retirement can be categorised into ‘Self-fulfilment or self-actualization needs.’

Many factors have to be considered before choosing a place. An ideal place should be different depending on finances, family, and preferences. But most commonly- the cost of living, safety, healthcare, activities, and climate- Northern California tops the competition being an ideal place for retiring communities in Northern California and other states of the US. With the abundance of recreational, educational, and cultural opportunities afforded to our California residents, it may be more sensible to ask, “why not California?”.

To convince you over the reasons, here are a few to justify retiring in Northern California:

Financial Opportunity

For seniors who wish to continue working after retiring, this should be the destination. The cost of living in California is higher than the rest of the country, but so is the income. The median income of a household in California is $8,000/year, which is higher than the national average.

Pleasant Weather Year-Round

The state of California stays in pleasant weather all year-round with least chance of snow. Such a mild climate is ideal for seniors from all over the US, promising sunny days to explore and have a gala time within Cali’s stunning natural beauty.

Income Tax

The state provides all social security benefit payments to the retired, and they are also exempted from personal income tax.

Ocean Vibes

California boasts of a 900-mile coastline, with numerous stunning beaches. Research shows seniors living near the ocean have reduced stress levels and lead a physically active, happy and healthy life.

Abundance of Culture

You get to enjoy traditional Bollywood show, Japanese sashimi for dinner, or authentic French pastries for breakfast. Whatever and whenever you want, you find it in California. The state has an abundance of culture that draws people from across the world to come together and create an unparalleled experience.

Exquisite, World-Renowned Vineyards

Home to various world-famous destinations like Napa Valley, California has vineyards across the state, up to south in Santa Barbara. Visit vineyards and tasting rooms, and raise a toast for life! Say cheers!

Focus on Local, Seasonal Nutrition

With a celebrated agriculture industry, there is an abundance of fresh fruit, vegetables, and meat in the state of California. Farmer markets are readily available, that gives the seniors easy access to the freshest foods.

Recreational Opportunities

Life in California is immensely active because of the mild climate. You can enjoy the Beaches, surf around, jog or go for a boardwalk! With ample shopping, dining, educational activities, arts and culture, Northern California is a perfect retirement destination!