Wigs are an important accessory for sex dolls. A good-looking wig will make your sex doll look more attractive. In addition, we can also change the wig of sex dolls frequently to keep you fresh. Variety is the joy of life, and it is true when choosing a wig for your sex doll. You will use a life-size sex doll many times, but after a while, you may get tired of seeing the same wig, the same hairstyle, or even the same vagina. But how should we choose the right wig for sex dolls?

First of all, we have to decide which color to choose?

The color of the wig must match the skin tone of the flat sex doll's body, otherwise your sex doll will look ugly. White and black skin tones are best matched with black and dark hair. Both tan and black-skinned girls can wear braids or other long hair locks. But there is a color that can be used universally, and it looks good on almost any doll. In real life, this mysterious and rare hair color is elusive red hair. Like a unicorn, red hair is very rare. But they can be achieved. Regardless of your doll's skin color, red wigs and hair can complement almost any face or body shape. If you want a universal wig that can be used on almost any occasion, please make sure that the wig has a dark, realistic color. What about blue, green or rainbow colors? These are very unique and specific, so it is difficult to recommend any type of color doll.

Next, we have to choose a hairstyle, is it long and straight, short or curly?

The choice of hairstyle depends on the face shape of the big booty sex doll. If it is a round face, then we recommend that you buy a long straight wig, which can effectively cover part of the face. If it is a long face, you can choose long fluffy curly hair, which will make you sexual. The doll looks very feminine. If it’s a melon face, then you don’t have to worry about the hair style at all, because melon face is a perfect face shape, it can be controlled no matter what hairstyle, but your preference is the most important, although it depends on Personal preference, but long wigs or hair will make your mature sex doll look more realistic. If you don't mind, long wigs will bring you trouble and maintenance. They need to be cleaned more frequently.

High-quality hair will always make your doll more human-like and easier to love. When making love and making love, the most important factor is not the quality of the wig. More about length and style. Braids and short hair are unlikely to hinder you during oral sex or during intercourse. Therefore, if you want convenience and ease of use, instead of silky straight hair, braids, curly hair or shorter hairstyles are your best choices.

The final choice is the built-in wig or the implanted wig?

The built-in wig is easy to replace, and you can choose from a variety of options, but it is not as realistic as an implanted wig. For something as simple as a wig, its size or color can completely change the look or feel of the doll. Coupled with the possibility of built-in hair, buying sex dolls can provide a more authentic experience than ever.

With sex doll wigs, you can provide a new look and hairstyle for your love doll according to your choice. The classic and elegant appearance will benefit from longer styles that are easy to brush and wear, or top, bottom, pigtail and other styles. Wigs with short hair will make your doll more youthful and easier to stay tangle-free.