When you apply for work in Russia, the process is quite lengthy and complicated. This involves a lot of paperwork and preparation. The Russian government entertains quotas on the number of foreign nationals permitted to work in the territories, and these numbers are determined annually.

If you are likely to visit and work in Russia, you will require both the work permit and a Russian work visa. You can apply for both the visa and work permit if you have been granted a job offer from any Russian employer who has secured an employment permit, thereby allowing them to employ any foreign national for the concerned job. Therefore, all foreign nationals must obtain a Russian work visa and permit to start earning in Russia.

Surprisingly, the country also has some groups that are exempted from the Russian work visa. The following groups are exempted for visa and work permit to work in the country:

  1. Foreign nationals who have acquired permanent citizenship in Russia.
  2. Foreign nationals working temporarily for an overseas company
  3. Employees of any diplomatic mission or consular institutions of overseas countries in Russia.
  4. Journalists are accredited in the country.
  5. Students with a valid Russian study visa.
  6. People invited to Russia for teaching positions in educational centers and institutions.

Russian work visa requirements mean that you would find a job before applying for a Russian work visa and work permit unless you are a CIS national. You cannot apply for a visa when you don't have a Russian job in hand.

Applying for a Russian work visa and permit:

Your employer will help you with the Russian work permit by applying it to the GUVM. The following documents are required for this purpose:

  1. Passport or valid ID
  2. Colored passport photograph
  3. Copy of essential qualification certificates
  4. Medical certificates confirming the absence of diseases
  5. Receipt for the payment of the fee.

Once all the formalities have been completed, you will receive your Russian work visa invitation from the GUVM. You can fill the visa application form and attach all the required documents to submit it to the concerned authority.

The Russian work visa takes around 20 days to process. Once you have received it, you can travel to Russia to start your job.