Many reasons are associated with this issue. However, Typically, if your visa was denied, then there was a good reason for the visa to be denied. Sometimes, a small mistake Or a criminal record or other potential problem could cause also your visa to be denied. To know more about Visa cancellation issues and troubleshoot ways, checkout below the blog for extra support from the most renowned Immigration Agency in Vancouver.

Top Reasons To Know Why Your Visa Was Denied:

  1. Misunderstanding the test for issuing a visa.
  2. You submitted only the documents on the Citizenship and Immigration Canada checklist.
  3. You might miss any of the following documents;

– Forms

– Fees

– Photos

– Passport

– Proof of financial support

– Photocopy of your return ticket and/or travel itinerary

– Any additional documents required by the local visa office.

  1. You didn’t submit evidence of all of your connections to your home country.
  2. You didn’t submit affidavits to support your application.
  3. The invitation letter was not detailed enough.

Tips To Overcome Visa Cancellation:

  1. Get help from the Specialized ICCRC Immigration Consultant in Vancouver.

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  1. Submit Effective evidence - The evidence you submit should strive to prove your case that you will return after your visa expires.
  2. Submit Affidavit - An affidavit is most powerful than a simple support letter, as there are legal consequences for swearing a false affidavit, which makes them much more persuasive than support letters.
  3. However, it is essential that the invitation letter is signed by the candidate should have a contact phone number and address in case CIC wishes to confirm this person’s intention.


Like any immigration application, there is no guarantee of success, but avoiding the above-mentioned mistakes will give your application a better chance of success.

Learn something about ICCRC best immigration consultants in Vancouver. Do you know find anything that we missed to mention the top reason for getting your Visa denied, please let us know in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you.

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