• Sell All Insurance Policies from All Insurers

                Now you can sell all insurance policies from all insurance companies to anyone, from anywhere,instantaneously.

  • Run Your Business from Your Mobile

                Say goodbye to the long procedures or tiring paperwork. We issue insurance policies instantly online, without any hassle.

  • Get Leads to Generate More Sales

                We will be providing you with plenty of local leads so that you will be able to generate more sales and  earn more commissions.

  • Award Winning Platform & Business Management Support

                Use our best-in-class CRM to follow-up with customers, set reminders, get claims support, see sales report & other MIS report, create support ticket and manage your team 24x7.

  • Best Payout in the Industry Every Month

                All our commissions are settled quickly with the best payout in the industry. Your account will be credited with your commission every month.

  • Continuous Renewal Income

                Right after you get your very first customer on board; you will start earning each year they renew their  policy, even if you are not directly involved in the renewals.

more info: https://www.gibl.in/become-insurance-agent/