The importance of fixed asset management and control(Wealth Manager)

It does not matter what industry you do or what your company or business is, in all cases, fixed assets are essential.

In order to have good control and administration of fixed assets, it is necessary to have a team and specialized tools for this great responsibility, this person or group must have perfectly clear answers to the questions: what is the asset? how much did it cost? Where is? Who has it? and in what condition? are the fixed assets. The accounting department has a leading role, but it is the work of a group of heads from different areas to keep this information up to date.

As we saw in the article: What is an industrial appraisal and how does Hilco Acetec maximize your profits? Fixed assets are essential for the operation of any company. They are all those tangible and intangible assets and durable rights in which it was invested with the aim of exploiting them. A durable right is all that or those goods that last more than one production cycle.

Fixed assets allow us to know the past of the company, manage the present much better and project the future.

The physical inventory and the labeling of the goods, is the beginning of the process of control and administration of fixed assets and gives us a real base of the existing assets of the company giving us the data of quantity, characteristics, who is responsible for use and where it is. Subsequently, the accounting reconciliation allows us to know in what state it is. The next step is the development of control software, where we can update in a timely and easy way all the data corresponding to the control and administration of fixed assets, where we can create catalogs, reports, and tools to have better control such as audits.

If a company did not have absolute control of fixed assets, it could be as catastrophic as measles disease in a child without a vaccine, there could be the absence of the maintenance of a production machine that would stop the plant, therefore the working day-to-day running of the company, causing even millionaire losses or worse, the company could end up closing.

This is not to mention the real value for sale, information for shareholders, and partners.

By having this control we not only have a better administration, but also the knowledge of where and who uses the goods. In this way, we will achieve a culture of control and a sense of co-responsibility among all the members of the company.

At Hilco Acetec we know that without fixed assets, there is no company. That is why it is necessary that you approach us to help you have this whole process in order and get the best out of them. We take care from the most basic thing that is the inventory to the creation of the system and sale of the goods.

It is a process where we see from the birth of the fixed asset, until it leaves the company.(Gerants de fortune)