What better way to celebrate your recent move than throwing a housewarming party? In addition to celebrating the fun that comes along with moving into your new home, a housewarming party gives you the perfect excuse to show off your brand new home.

That being said, parties can be costly if not executed correctly. Today, we’re going to give you some pointers about how you can host an incredible housewarming party on a budget! Are you ready?

Don’t Go Overboard and Be Realistic

When it comes to throwing *any* party on a budget, going overboard can be easy. From decorations to drinks, there seems like a ton of things you have to purchase to keep guests fed and happy. This is why when it comes to saving money when you’re throwing your housewarming party, it is imperative that you don’t go overboard. Think simple.

Instead of buying a nice bakery cake, you can homemake one at home. Instead of going crazy when it comes to alcoholic beverages, there’s no need to serve expensive craft beer or top shelf liquor. you can do one simple combination and serve that in a punch bowl all day or just serve soda.

If you want to avoid having to purchase food for everyone and spending a lot of money, have a potluck party instead!

Limit The Guests

This just might be one of the most important steps you can take when it comes to pinching pennies getting ready for a party. The fewer people, the fewer paper products, food and beverages you have to purchase.

It’ll also make for a party that’s much more intimate and fun because you can handpick all your best friends and family members for a wild good time.

“That’s the Game!”

One of the highlights of any party is the games, right? Instead of spending money on a DJ or a brand new video game, why not drag out some card games, or crazy board games? You could set out games in different places with notebooks and paper and snack trays for fun “play stations” or make a scavenger hunt with fun things you can find at the Dollar Store.

Either way, paving the way for guests to have a good time and enjoy seeing your house doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, it can be LOADS of fun!

Throwing a housewarming party on a budget can seem like quite the task, but it's easier than you think and might end up being more of a thrill than even you anticipated. Have a blast!