Dental Extraoral Suction Machine - FDA registered. With double HEPA H-13 Filters + UV-Plasma Sterilization light!

1000 W, 4000 L/min volume, Dental Extraoral suction machine, with 2 HEPA grade filters (H13) and built in UV Disinfectant Light & Plasma Sterilization for dramatic elimination of aerosols generated during procedures!


1. Two sets of HEPA+ Activated Carbon filters, combined with a vacuum motor with excellent suctioning ability!

2. Includes UV-C Irradiation and Plasma Sterilization – which effectively eliminates pathogens contained in aerosols and droplets generated during dental procedures.

3. Rolling base with segmented rotary arm allows optimal adjustment to your desired position over patient.

4. Includes touch-panel controls to adjust power (2 settings,) and a digital display which keeps track of usage for timely filter/bulb replacement.

Technical Specifications

FDA: Class 1 Device

Voltage: AC110v

Noise: ≤60 dB

Filter Power: 1.5KW

Max Vacuum: -25Kpa

Max Air Flow: 4000L/min

UV Sterilization: 254 NM (Approx 10000 hrs)

Plasma Disinfection: 5000 V (Approx 20000 hrs)

HEPA Grade: H13 (0.3 um, ≥99.97%) X 2

Control: Touch Screen Control

Warranty: 1 Year Limited (parts)